Professional Development


Understanding younger generations — so powerful. As a career education professional, Mark’s presentation spoke to me on many levels that will impact the way I work with students in my school. It also made me think about how I can help people in my own life, my spouse, my children and siblings.”

Michelle Myers
Career Transitions Teacher at SD 34 Career Programs/Rick Hansen Secondary


Loved the timeline of drips, enrollment and retention strategies, tips to success, and showcase ideas. Hands down the most entertaining and effective professional development. Wishing all our parties could have this experience.”

Jennifer Bennato
Career Programs Coordinator at Abbotsford School District Career Programs


Mark Perna’s presentation should be experienced by all educators. Career development and lifestyle as a means to motivate students is critical to support successful students’ transition and improve academic achievement as well as school completion.”

Patti Tebbutt
District Principal at Abbotsford School District


One of the best professional development days I’ve been to. Looking forward to using all that I’ve learned today.”

Shelby Majchrzak
Hope Secondary School


Excellent presentation! Mark provided us with ideas and strategies that we will implement back to the Langley SD education system to create positive change in career education.”

Marielle Hibi
Career Education Advisor at Langley School District #35


Invigorating and inspiring!”

Trish Lewis
Counselor at School District 33


Marketing and changing the narrative is a universal message that knows no borders.”

Wade Peary
Riverside College


I have a better understanding of the kids I teach as well as the two kids I live with.”

Clay Radons
Teacher at Abbotsford School District


Deeply appreciated the range and depth. Thanks for the encouragement to keep doing this good work and do it well with our next generations.”

Sherri Silcox-Burk
Career Ed Associated Professional at Langley School District


You have helped open my mind to new possibilities.”

Jason Malo
Vice Principal at Langley School District


Mark was a speaker who knocked it out of the park for our career educators and employers conference in November 2017. Thank you Mark for showing us a new and effective approach.”

Lisa Ayton
Outreach Lead at Industry Training Authority


Learned ideas that transcend career and education.”

Aaron Gollub
Langley School District 35


An awesome, enlightening presentation. The answers to so many questions I didn’t know I had.”

Krista Balogh
Riverside College


I appreciated the bridge between the different generations. Speaking to their differences in perception seems to be a great strategy for educators.”

Sian Hurley
Assistant Chef at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School


You’ve given me a much better understanding of Gen X & Y and their motivations even though I’m a mom and grandparent. Excellent practical strategies for attracting the right students for the right reasons. CTE does not exclude university education and there are a myriad of future possibilities. Best marketing presentation ever. I want to drink the kool-aid.”

Stephanie Doan
Career Advisor at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School


Highly relevant, excellent speaker and topic.”

Nadia Moore
Hairstylist Instructor at Abbotsford School District Career Programs


Amazing! Will be recommending SD admin to book you in the future to stimulate/motivate change with other educators in the district.”

Bruce Harder
School District 33


I feel empowered to bring this back to my district position and start doing great things.”

Heather Elliott
School District 33


Very engaging, knowledgeable and humorous. Not many presentations of just talking keep me engaged. Very good!”

Amber Ellert
Work Experience Facilitator at Chilliwack School District 33


Best professional development ever!”

Christy de Bulnes
Career Advisor Langley School District 35


Mark has provided so much insight and so many ideas to improve and build my school’s programs. Thanks for a very worthwhile day.”

Kim Hancock
GW Graham Secondary School


I especially liked the strategies for engaging students and parents. As a parent and a trades support person I can relate to the concerns and hopeful outcomes for our youth.”

Janet Walczak
Mission School District 75