Professional Development


This is the best and most beneficial presentation I have ever attended.”

Hillary Mehlhoff
Family & Consumer Science Teacher at South Albany High School


You have no idea how much I needed your passion and perspective. I’ve already forwarded your info on to my principal and superintendent for inservice consideration.”

Feryne McSweeny
College and Career Counselor at Riverton High School


Mark is a game changer in CTE.”

Tina Bacigalupo
Counselor at Bay Arenac ISD


We adapted Mark’s principles of the right student during our recruitment and increased enrollment by 25% in 2 years.”

William Webb
Director at Woonsocket Area Career & Technical Center


I’ve been to many, many professional development sessions in my career. This was the best 4 hours I’ve spent in professional learning. I have tangible tools I will use to improve my organization after today. Thank you!”

Katie Towler
Principal at Sioux City Career Academy


Thank you for an organized and excellent presentation. I understand the why!”

Socorro Sanchez
Assistant Principal at Coachella Valley Unified School District


The concepts around the younger generations/showcases were really good.”

Oscar Torres
Coordinator College/Career Readiness at Coachella Valley Unified School District


Copy points will help improve our course catalog descriptions.”

Brian Taylor
CTE Department Chair at Combs High School


The lively pacing was very refreshing as were the pointers on how to connect with students.”

Claire Mair
Assistant Principal at Wasatch High School


Walked in and thought, “oh great, a sit and shovel presentation”. Blown away instead. Thank you.”

Graham Storey
Assistant Principal at Lathrop High School


Mark Perna — what a change agent! Amazing presentation! Mark shows that we should believe in today’s younger generation and help them open every new door.”

Timothy Reilly
Teacher, Author, Global Director at Farmington High School


Powerful, motivating, inspirational.”

Erin Quigley
Sports Medicine Instructor at Amphitheater High School


Buckle up for a fast, furious conversation of motivating younger generations and becoming aware of the issues with employment gaps and the way to fix them. Very exciting conversation with Mark Perna.”

Sadie Fritzler
Career Coach at Northeastern Junior College


It was an excellent and highly engaging session. Thank you!”

Crystal Mills
Fort Bend ISD


Best conference session I’ve ever attended. Exceptional gold!”

Kevin Lukefahr
Glendale Union HS District


If we are going to change the trajectory of education in this country, it is only going to happen through a better understanding of our younger generations and to truly know them, you need to attend a session by Mark Perna.”

Kevin Herington
CTE and Career & College Administrator at Eugene 4J


This made me take a new look at how we try to attract new students to our programs.”

Ute Aadland
Assistant Director at Aiken County Career & Technology Center


Great info, thanks!”

Mary Ahern
Counselor at Harrisburg High School


Second time I’ve heard Mark speak. I loved all the re-affirmation on concepts I heard and all the new info and further details.”

Michael Hawkins
Public Safety Program Coordinator at Glendale Union High School District


So incredibly helpful and validating.”

Candi Ruf
CTE Coordinator at Carson City School District


I loved this workshop/session. Very relevant information to change the narrative with the CTE programs. Can’t wait to go back to our department chairs to share this information.”

Courtney Butler
Academic Program Support Specialist at Community College of Aurora


Great session! Gained extremely exciting new ideas that I can take back and implement immediately!”

Amanda Shively
Director of Career & Tech Ed at Glendale Union High School District 205


Best part of conference thus far — thanks!”

Anna Sprague
Counselor at Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High School


Mark did a fantastic job helping us better understand our current students and then use that understanding to leverage to recruit and retain the right CTE students.”

Tam Larnerd
Principal at Spring Valley HS


Great ideas to apply in our career center and help recruit and target the right students.”

Amy Freismidl
Vice Principal/CTE Administrator at Carson City School District


Mark Perna is a powerful presenter. His presentation provided multiple strategies to improve our college and career program.”

Bonifacio Hernandez
District Coordinator at Coachella Valley Unified School District


Most entertaining and insightful presentation at this conference. Lots of messages that I will take away. Thank you!”

Rosa Apodaca
AP at Centennial High School


This perception needs to spread in education!”

Ty Berry
AG Teacher at Central High School


This was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen!”

Brent Jaffe
Digital Media Teacher at Paramount High School West Campus


I have 2 sons, Nick and Matt, 29 and 26. I really connected with your message!”

Shaun Kraska
Assistant Superintendent at Fairbanks North Star Borough School District


I loved the pace, enthusiasm and straightforward approach to presenting and addressing the topic and needs of our students’ and kids’ current generation. This was engaging and I came away with new thoughts and motivation to think and work with adults and students to reach goals!”

Sheila Nyquest
Director of Student Support Services at Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District


Thought provoking.”

Merrilee Saige
Counselor at Onate High School


Mark impassions me and recharges me to make a difference not just in what I do, but help my other teachers to make a difference.”

Kandy Smitha
J. Everett Light Career Center


This was an inspirational and eye-opening session and armed me with great ideas to connect to potential students and hopefully help their future because of it.”

Maya Milhon
Lead Recruiter at West-MEC


Your presentation reinforced my hope and excitement for the younger generations. I do believe they are more prepared to transform the way we experience life in more meaningful ways.”

Linda Adams
Instructional Coach at High Desert ESD


This was great! Mahalo!”

Bianca Datiles
School Counselor at Roosevelt High School


I really enjoyed your passion and spirit.”

Kathleen Paquette
Education Program Development Specialist at New Jersey Department of Education


A tremendously engaging and informative session. Thank you.”

Stephen Green
Junction City High School


I can change the paradigm in my school! Awesome message!”

Karen Stiner
Assistant Principal at Bend Senior High School


Education with a purpose! I am a new teacher and have not considered this idea. In order for a student to learn, there has to be a purpose! This presentation has really unlocked many thoughts and ideas I’d like to use in my classroom.”

Eddie Mathis
Instructor at Glendale Union High School District


Mark should have been the keynote speaker at ACTE Vision 18. He is outstanding and inspirational.”

Robb Lowe
Director Secondary to Postsecondary Partnership at Normandale Community College


His passion is evident and his stories connect us to his passion while increasing our passions.”

Robert Harris
Supervisor of CTE at Buffalo Schools


The enthusiasm is contagious!”

Pam Rivers
FACS Teacher at Fremont County School District 25


This presentation will give you perspective on your students’ wants and needs.”

Nick Lopez
Instructor at Oakland Schools NW


This was inspirational! I’m energized!”

Brian Manley
Instructor at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus


Very motivational presentation. I’m looking forward to reading the book.”

Jennifer Teeter
Business Teacher at Imbler High School


Very interesting and energizing. I only wish I had more time to hear more.”

Montyne Barbee
Assistant Principal at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


Just what I needed to energize me as a counselor and a parent and to take back to my school and life to move forward in the world of bridging workforce development and education.”

Trudy Steins
Sr. Guidance Counselor at Pattonville High School


Great session to connect and properly prepare our next generation of Y&Z.”

Marlon Pilson
Dept Chair CTAE at Henry W Grady High APS


I left this session energized and ready to go back and change our message. We all need to be more Wade like!”

Kevin Rohlf
Belevue Public Schools


Great energy, thank you for being active/energetic in the afternoon.”

Ellen Swieter
Department Chair at Aims Community College


Excellent session, empowering!”

Brigitta Altmann-Austin
Assistant Principal at Stevens Point Area Senior High School


A positive description of Gen Y&Z and what they want, career readiness, and how to get there. You achieved your goal of being the best presentation ever!”

Erik Mickleson
Palm Springs Unified School District


The entire presentation was phenomenal and so spot on. Every educator needs to hear your presentation. Love the Tree. I’m a Wade and I love your message!”

Rebecca Hering
Assistant Director of CTE at North East ISD


Super enlightened and helped rebuild my original passion.”

Jeanna Stewart
RN Teacher at Livingston Parish Public School


Everything you said resonated so deeply for me.”

Andrea Lhureaux
Dean of Workforce Development & CTE at Morgan Community College


Wow! Motivated me to put my middle school students on the right pathway to their future, give them a purpose. Unlock their next level!”

Kim Cunningham
Teacher at Meade 46-1 School District


Re-established passion for Gen Z — thank you! You have given me insight and my compassion back.”

Rhonda Sykes
RN Coordinator at Glendale Union HSD CTE Nursing Services


Mark’s passion for career and technical education is refreshing. Love his enthusiasm for understanding the young people of today.”

Anessa Garner
Career Services Coordinator at Scott Regional Technology Center


You saved this conference for me — thank you for relighting my passion!”

Kim Hynek
Teacher at Prairie High School


Funny, passionate and inspiring.”

Brad Colton
CTE Coordinator at Mississippi Bend AEA


Thank you for giving me language for what I have been thinking and trying to promote in my school district.”

Annika Bay
High School Counselor at Crescent Valley High School


Every part of the session was the best! Incredible, thank you!”

Katie Davis
Instructor at Murray FFA


Excellent ideas, thank you! I love your passion, keep it up!”

Judy Honeycut
CTE Coordinator at Silsbee ISD


Very engaging and relevant.”

Kevin Wood
CTE Coordinator at Canyons School District


2nd time I have heard Mark! Love his research and presentation.”

Lynda Vackmon
Mason County Area Technology Center