Professional Development


This presentation is a key piece to getting the United States back to the top in the world as a leader.”

Greg Hutzenbilgr
Associate Professor of Electrical Line Worker


Mark was engaging, informative and entertaining…potentially life changing.”

Brian Hushagen
Associate Professor of Visual Art


This was amazing and encouraging and I’m so excited to implement these ideas next week when classes start.”

Deanna Solhjem
Assistant Professor of Biology


I’m a millennial and you were able to concisely describe my own experience and recent challenges. The tree branch cracked a few times in my life and I understand how vital that is for growth. Great metaphor.”

Charlotte Williams
Assistant Professor


Thank you. It was excellent information. I needed it as a pick-me-up as we start another year.”

David Sugaveen
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering


I enjoyed the presentation and hope you continue to make the difference you are making to effectively change this country. Thank you for your passion and God bless your work.”

Brent Reem
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


This was the best presentation I have been to. It was very moving and fitting to discuss the importance of helping students find their path. Well done Mr. Perna!”

David Peterson
Mathematics Professor


At a crossroads in my life, your presentation is just what I needed to hear. You’re brilliant at what you do.”

Erin Price
Associate Professor of English


Fantastic job, real solutions to real problems. Honest analysis of our educational system. Refreshing to have enduring solutions as opposed to educational fads.”

Earl Torgerson
Associate Professor


Very pertinent and motivating. A wonderful speaker!”

Annmarie Kajencki
Professor of English


Impressive speaker and presentation.”

Jessie Splonskowski
Nursing Instructor


Pinpointed how I feel about teaching.”

Chere Allard
Faculty at NECE


One might choose to be a Wade each and every day!”

Todd Seibel
Assistant Professor


Awesome presentation, thank you!”

Rachelle Smith
Campus Scheduling Associate


This was so helpful to remind us how much we can impact a person either intentionally or unintentionally.”

Lisa Hoynes
Associate Professor of Human Services


Excellent presentation!”

Melanie Schock
Assistant Professor


Reinforced our program objectives, good ideas to incorporate into classroom from day one.”

Karen Nathe
Associate Professor Computers & Office Technology


Mark’s energy is phenomenal! The ideas presented are incredibly useful and as a new instructor, I value his ideas.”

Mari Volk
Medical Lab Tech Program Director


How important it is to share passion and get students to see their light at the end of the tunnel. BSC has a tremendous competitive advantage, you helped us all see that, thank you!”

Sean Thorenson
Associate Professor of Graphic Design


Enthusiasm, real, living it!”

Jodie Knutson-Person
Associate Professor of Chemistry


I enjoyed the lifestyle point, very true. I also agree with the respect aspect. Will be using some ideas in my classroom.”

Kelsey Kindskov
Assistant Professor of Speech


Awesome presentation.”

Howell Flowers
Assistant Professor of Energy Technology