Professional Development


Brand new outlook on what kids think and how they look at life day by day.”

Kevin Nelson
Teacher at Minot Public


Great program — changed my approach and made me look positively forward to the beginning of school.”

Jason Joy
Business Teacher at LaMoure Public Schools


As a counselor this gave me a lot of good ideas on how to present the CTE field to parents, students and other staff.”

Allyson Dockter
Career Development Counselor at Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center


Completely down to earth presentation that embraces students’ differences as strengths rather than as deficits.”

Leah Hamann
Dean of Instruction at United Tribes Technical College


Mark is hilarious, brilliant and on a mission.”

Aaron Cummings
Watford City High School


His information needs to be common knowledge. We should connect the dots to professional skills, ie ‘why do we need to hand in assignments on time?’ This is what a boss would want. ‘Why do we need to be in class on time or early?’ You will be better prepared and that’s what bosses like.”

Joanna Grann
Counselor at Westhope Public Schools


Motivation for the year to come. Outstanding.”

Kristi Leverson
West Fargo Public Schools


Good, relevant info.”

Joel Brandvold
Bottineau Public School


Challenging message.”

Maria Kaduc


Very well presented!”

Jason Wedel
Conference Attendee


I have a better understanding on how to approach my students.”

Misty Brorby
Licensed Addiction Counselor at Turtle Mountain Community High School


Engaging and funny.”

Megan Grosz
School Counselor at Turtle Lake-Mercer Public Schools


Loved the tree idea! Would love to do one for my classroom. Excellent, engaging and entertaining. So many great things to think about and help to understand younger generations.”

Cindy Strand
Teacher at May-Port CG


As a teacher and counselor, I couldn’t agree more with what you said.”

Mindie Bopp
Counselor at Sargent Central


Great and uplifting information.”

Deana Lefor
Family Consumer Science Teacher at South Heart High School


The Why Generation is great for me as a teacher and parent.”

Tyler Heser
Ag Ed at Glenburn Public Schools


It was great — thank you for the concept/strategy of focusing on students’ lifestyle, etc. This makes perfect sense. Mark introduced himself to several of us before the event — it was amazing for this to occur — thank you!”

Stacie Garland


So great to learn and understand generational needs and thoughts.”

Katie Henry
Career Development Counselor at Edmore Public School


Great enthusiasm, insightful conversations.”

Greg Borders
West Fargo High School


Very good info. I have a millennial age daughter (24 yrs old) and she is exactly how you described that age group. Spot on!”

Hollie Harrington
Teacher at Sargent Central Public School


Info, energy, enthusiasm! It all makes sense!”

Julie Hawley
Fargo Public Schools


It helps bring a better understanding to the future of our youth.”

Laurie Salander
Northern Cass School


The entire presentation was absolutely amazing!”

Erin Bohnenstringl
Business Ed at Lingenwood Public School


Love the Career Tree visual and hearing about your son’s educational success story about CTE in high school classroom. Thanks for making your presentation CTE focused, love the Wade story — real life, real people, skills incorporated into your career.”

Kathy Walsh
FACS Teacher at Harvey High School


Made me feel better about options for my struggling students (my own kids). I want that kind of center here now! Not just for my kids but all kids in my area.”

Iman Moore
Director of NHSC NACTEP at Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College


Engaging, energetic, very informative.”

Caitlyn Good
FACS Ed Teacher at New Rockford-Sheyenne High School


I would love to hear Mark talk again. I tell my students ‘never stop dreaming’ because where you stop dreaming is where you stop.”

Dean Hagen
Welding Instructor


This was an eye-opening presentation.”

Janel Uhlich


Great presentation and wish he had more time. This is a great way to make CTE connections to careers.”

D’Aulan Raek Bussman
Principal/AD at Turtle Lake-Mercer Public Schools


Confirmed my knowledge and presented in a humorous and organized way. Appreciate the stories!”

Jean Baird
Counselor at Devils Lake High School


Get students’ respect by being interested in them. Give students an idea on what is out there. Great presentation.”

Denise Oase
School Counselor at Scranton Public Schools


He has great perspective on students’ futures and how to get there.”

Tanya Worrall
FACS Teacher at St. John School


Love the idea of changing the perception of CTE and technical careers. Finding ways to engage and connect with younger generations, develop roots in middle school, come to high school with a purpose. Love the idea of Education with Purpose!”

Brandy Klusmann
K-12 School Counselor at Kulm Public School


I have a son who is a junior in HS with no idea of his future, thanks for giving me hope!”

Kari Mayer
Teacher/Counselor at Mott-Regent Public School


Thank you! Keep working for us!”

Aleta Krack
FACS Teacher at Thompson High School


Very relevant — thank you!”

Janna Strege
HS Business Teacher at ND CTE