Professional Development


An extremely revitalizing presentation! Mr. Perna definitely understands how the younger generation thinks. I have a much different outlook now moving forward.”

Julie Marino
Special Education Teacher at Hazleton Area Career Center


Mark’s data will help me propel my work immensely.”

Benjamin Stiles
Career Development Counselor at Lancaster County CTC


Earning respect from your students by respecting them is the best way to connect, engage and teach your students to become professional young adults!”

Beverly O’Hora
Employment Placement/Internship Coordinator at Lackawanna College


Mark gets it! He gave us a few more tools for our teaching toolbox.”

Rock Griswold
Business Computer & Information Technology at Jersey Shore Area School District


Inspiration to do a better job to motivate my students. Great perspective on the differences between the generations and how we can connect with and motivate them to get involved. Discussion on competitive advantage was revolutionary.”

Philip Greene
Multimedia Instructor at Forbes Road CTC


Understanding why our kids ask why was an eye opener…Thank you! Consider this a standing ovation!”

Heather Snyder
Coordinator at Bureau of Technology PA State & PACTA


I am now reframing the way I look at students’ attitudes and behaviors.”

Leslie Robinson
Counselor at Milton Area High School


3 Pillars, I’ve been preaching the skills gap but missing this piece.”

Kelly Shumaker
Counselor at Solanco High School


Of course it’s all about the lifestyle! Why wasn’t anyone talking about that in school? And I’m a millennial!”

Ashley Cease Hassenbein
Academic Resource Officer at Johnson College


Best speech that I have heard in a long time!”

Sandra Figueroa
CEO/Founder at Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School


Anyone in a competitive comprehensive high school can gain insight from this presentation.”

Brian Blaum
Administrator at Delaware Valley High School


Applicable ideas — nice to hear characteristics of young generations as a positive.”

Alyssa Piemme
Counselor at Ligonier Valley School District


3 Pillars are excellent for my 8th graders.”

Donald Swartz
Counselor at Cedar Crest Middle School


Personally this was just what I needed. I’ve been trying to not be upset that my 20-year-old son has changed his major from a 4 yr nursing degree to a 2 yr electrician. I feel so much better, I needed a reality check.”

Susan Miller
Special Education Teacher at Hazleton Area Career Center


Positive and meaningful.”

Mary Myers
Consultant at Tuscarora Intermediate Unit


10/10, loved it!”

Jesse DeLoof
School to Work Coordinator at Warren PA Hired


Best training that I have had since retiring from the military.”

Randy Erdley
Vocational Rehabilitation Culinary Instructor at Commonwealth Technical Institute


Great presentation about changing the stigma of CTE.”

Kelly Keating
Learning Support Teacher at Chester County Intermediate Unit


Really insightful information. You made me feel your presentation, not just experience it.”

Alexandra Glassel
Central Susquehanna Opportunities Inc.


Good relevant information to share with students.”

Taylor Laurer
Central Susquehanna Opportunities Inc.


Very informative, a new look at generations.”

Paul Tryborowski
Instructor at Mercer County Career Center


Loved the idea of the Career Tree — great visual for students, teachers and parents! Also really connected with the Education with Purpose phrase. Love professional skills to replace soft skills. Very optimistic take on the daunting idea of choosing a career. Really believe high school students would enjoy this presentation. Enjoyed the bus driver story and how everyone can make a positive connection if they choose to.”

Kristy Roche
Middle School Counselor at South Allegheny School District


I am going to take 2 minutes each day to focus my students on the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Kim Cosklo
Cosmetology Instructor at SCCTC


Inspirational and informative.”

Olga Papa
School Counselor at Hazleton Area Career Center


Outstanding content/speaker.”

Joe Royer
Career Counselor at Workforce Solutions/CCCTC


Love the Career Tree graphic.”

Jennifer Seal
Learning Support CTE at Chester County Intermediate Unit


Greater insight into Y&Z generations and how to more effectively engage young people.”

Katie Smith
Counselor at Indiana Area Senior HS


We are using Career Tree — love it!”

David Thomas
Director at York County School of Technology


Loved the humor and stories!”

Kathleen Griffith
Elizabethtown Area School District


You can’t blame the kids for not knowing what they don’t know. Amen! That’s our job as educators.”

Nicole Fisher
Spec Ed Teacher at North Montco Technical Career Center


Thank you for such a powerful and dynamic presentation. Your passion is evident.”

Jennifer Russ
Counselor at Career Institute of Technology


Mark backed up my own ideas of dealing with my students today. At times I second guessed if I am doing this right. Thank you, Mark.”

Michael Russell
Instructor at Seneca Highlands CTC


Engaging, entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring.”

Krysta Reber
Gifted Support Teacher at Conrad Weiser Area School District


Intense focus on seeing this through the eye of the kids! See them as a resource.”

Alice Justice


Parents, educators, legislators should hear this presentation. Very much on the mark!”

Greg Michelone
Career & Technical Distinguished School Leader at PA Bureau of CTE


Great presentation.”

Cori Anderson
Counselor at Indiana Area Senior HS


Excellent speaker, funny, engaging, relevant, real.”

Erica Aiken
Counselor at Indiana Area Senior HS


Would love to hear you speak again.”

Erin Gearhart
Early Childhood Instructor at CPI


Many of the comments related directly to my daily journey as a middle school teacher.”

Stephanie Rowe
Instructor at Susquehanna Township Middle School


I will share the Wade Factor with faculty/staff as it can make a difference when working with students, families and each other.”

Lindsey Allegar-Schultz
Transition Coordinator at SusQ Cyber Charter School


Both the pre-conference and keynote were excellent. Thank you!”

April Campbell
School Counselor at Tyrone Area School District


How do I do what Mark Perna does? I totally appreciate the candor and encouragement shared today.”

Susan Cazillo
Success Coach/Perkins Coordinator at Lancaster County Career & Technology Center


Attention-getting speaker.”

Diana Smith
Instructor at Lancaster County Career & Technology Center



Nadine Standley
FCCLA Facilitator


If young people want to succeed nothing will stop them. Great presentation.”

Hank DeGeorge
Assistant Director at Bucks County Technical High School


If I am not a Wade, I want to be!”

Marie Gibble
Counselor at Troy Area School District


The Career Tree game me a different perspective on communicating, bridging the awareness gap.”

Lisa McNamara
Director of Career & Technical Education at Octorara Area School District


We need to be Wades for our students! We must answer their Why for our younger generations.”

Chris Long
Counselor at Warrior Run High School


Very motivational, personal, respectful.”

Joy Berezansky
Instructor at the Department of Labor & Industry/Commonwealth Tech Institute


Eye opening and inspirational. Tools to help with organizational health and student success!”

Nick Aquilino
Director of Information & Student Services at Orleans Technical College


6.7 million skills gap, awareness statistics really amazing. So true and real about teaching generations!”

Nelleke Beats
School District of Lancaster


Super engaging.”

Chris Warren
Instructor at State College Area High School


Excellent presentation and very inspiring.”

Patience Lehrman
CTE Director at Temple University Center for Professional Development


Very engaging and motivating.”

Alyssa Geiger
HS Teacher at Hazleton Area Career Center


Love the tree analogy — excellent!”

Carolyn Stubler
Bureau of Juvenile Justice


Be a Wade, not an April!”

Aaron Slusser
Counselor at Milton Middle School


Loved your Wade vs April message!”

Curtis Ace
Counselor at Commodore Perry High School


Great info, thank you!”

David Newell
Counselor at Milton Area High School


Excellent! You really think “outside the box”. Directors of all CTE programs at state level need to hear and commit to promote your comments.”

Esther Brown
Health Science Program Specialist at PA Dept of Ed/Bureau of CTE


Helpful to be challenged about youth perception of respect because it goes against how I was raised. Your presentation of it gets me to rethink my approach. I have been thinking about a rubric for professional skills to use in the classroom. When you went over one in your session this just gives me the extra push that I need to put it into action.”

Nicole Bowers
Counselor at North Star High School


Absolutely outstanding presentation.”

Nicole Cosentino
Academic Affairs Assistant Principal at Delaware Valley High School


Good tools to take back.”

Robert Moyer
Adjudicated Youth Education Program Consultant at Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services/PACTT


Excellent presentation!”

Erik Strawser
School Counselor at SUN Area Technical Institute