Professional Development


This was the best keynote I have ever been to! It was so inspiring the whole way through, provided easily applicable information and left me ready to act!”

Shelley Baudean
Grants Specialist


Incredibly engaging, relevant and helpful. Spot on, practical information and strategies for success.”

Brenda Warnock
Exec. Director Program Management


Totally changed my perspective on recruiting. Love the for-now decision making narrative. Best part I learned was competitive advantage.”

Matt Weber


I feel energized and better prepared to partner with kids to realize their future!”

Craig Delunt
CTE Admin


I gained so much knowledge regarding our CTE programs and how to utilize this information in my current position and continue to send this message out to others in this field. This is my 1st year in CTE, I absolutely love my job and learning something new every day. I will continue to do my best to motivate our younger generation and their future in CTE.”

Debbie Holiday
CTE Administrative Assistant


Lifechanging message. Let me say I feel I’ve learned a new way to understand and speak to my grandkids and the younger generation.”

Terry Strayhand
CTE Grants & Accountability LEAD


This has created a thinking shift for me and I plan on presenting many change ideas when I return to my district.”

Dana Kuhn
Assistant Principal


The best session I’ve heard in years. Inspiring, uplifting. I’m ready to get started. Thank you, I want all our CTE teachers to hear your message.”

Lindsay Duran
Assistant Director of CTE


Loved how to start making the shift from talking about programs to benefits first, then programs. Outstanding workshop!”

Tracey Celaya
CTE Director – Florence Unified



Melissa Jackson
Director of CTE and Magnet Programs


Excellent presentation!”

Christine Martinez
CTE Tech


I loved the professional skills rubric you shared. Great idea.”

Lorie Honeycutt
Executive Director of CTE


Wow! I loved the presentation. It left me wanting to share with my colleagues. I’m excited to work on our CTE brochure and career flyers. Thank you! There is hope!”

Ilana Pete
CTE Secretary


I enjoyed the Ah-ha moments. I got a lot of good info about marketing CTE.”

Michelle Ferrin
CTE Director


I love the way you addressed the cultural norm of CTE directors and turned it on its side. You can see the processing in the room.”

Heather Cruz
Associate Superintendent


Excellent presentation, very energetic!”

Beth VanHoose
CTE Assistant


Amazing…loved it.”

Alan Ramage
CTE Director


Being new to the CTE program, I would highly recommend this presentation to everyone. I was motivated from the beginning. Thank you so much!”

Karlene Henderson
Administrative Assistant


I was a principal of an alternative high school before moving to principal of our online school. I loved your story about your sons and the transformation. I’ve loved working with these kids and you helped me be more effective.”

Rose Garcia
HS CTE Director/Wickenburg Virtual Principal


Loved the Career Trees! We want to implement them in our school. Thank you for the book. Loved it, very motivational, just makes sense!”

Shannon Williams
Asst. Principal


Loved the Career Trees and how inspired I feel! I’m amped to implement. Mark is going to change the world of education. Everyone in education, parents and employers need to hear him speak and read his book.”

Amanda Potts
Division Chair of Professional Programs


Was very engaging and relevant.”

Michelle Keegan
SIS Data Coordinator


Everything he shared was outstanding! Academic and technical and professional skills = competitive advantage. This is huge! I like the Career Tree, career points and focus. Thank you Mark for the excellent and phenomenal talk that you shared with us. Everything was so great and fantastic. I look forward to reading and finishing the book and to attend more workshops. Thank you for all you do!”

Renevie Magboo
CTE Director/Dean of Students


I haven’t read your book but you have answered why.”

Allison Haws
Technology Director/CTE Director


Entertaining, informative and engaging.”

Ken James
Executive Director of Educational Programs


Experience is everything! We are going to revise our mission to include the 3 Pillars.”

Kimberly Holmes
CTE Administrative Assistant


Great presentation, very engaging.”

Jorge Moreno
CTE Coordinator


A better understanding of what the expectations of our students are today. I am inspired by the possibilities of meeting students where they’re at.”

John Scrogham
CTE Coordinator


As I help my students wade through their future possibilities, I will be a Wade. Thank you for motivating me for the upcoming school year and beyond.”

Sherry Carbajal
CTE Director/Culinary Arts Teacher


Career tree — loved it! Light at the end of the tunnel, can apply to all phases of life. Thanks for sharing your story and ideas!”

Troy Thygerson


Amazing non-traditional presentation.”

Mark McManus
Ed. Prog. Specialist


The pillars, the trees really are a great visual. Very inspirational and real.”

Nancy Scott
Director of CTE & Curriculum


I have been to a minimum of 25 presentations Mark has given. It amazes me how Mark’s work changes for the better for our students each time I’m at a presentation. Keep preaching and teaching my friend. Your work is changing the culture of American Education.”

Anne Dozeman-Wisener
CTE Director


What an awesome person Mark Perna is! He has motivated me like no one else!”

Hope Thomas
CTE Specialist


I was going to create a flyer to promote our CTE programs and thanks to this presentation I know how to create a flyer to recruit and retain students.”

Tony Mallinger
CTE Director/Teacher


I love the support language regarding gen Y&Z, accepting where they are and their vision of the world.”

Kristen Cunningham
CTE Admin Assistant


Thank you for working for all students, your time and energy renewed my confidence.”

Chris Granger
CTE Director/Assistant Superintendent


Mark was motivating, enthusiastic and informative. The ideas presented were on target for building and sustaining successful CTE programs.”

Jim Grieshaber
CTE Director


For-now decision is brilliant!”

Shaun Rose
CTE Director


The concept of career ready speaks to me. I also see the career perspective you noted in my own children and students. They are not interested in a job or money but job experiences and life experiences. Your stories resonate and gave me goosebumps.”

Gina Covert
CTE Director


The whole presentation was remarkable and eye opening.”

Adelaida McLaughlin
CTE Director