Professional Development



Awesome presentation with great information, not just for business, but for life!”



As we hire so many of the younger generation, I realllly needed to hear this. Will definitely share this with my GMs.”



He should be on stage next year.”




Beyond amazing!! So much information in such a little bit of time. Valuable insight from a smart man.”




Energizing and phenomenal.”




Super energetic! Great info for managers and parents to understand young people.”




Great perspective that I completely agree with.”




Refreshing to hear a great analysis of younger generations and what they have to teach us older kids!”




My fav so far! Energy content delivery!!! Put him on mainstage!!”




Phenomenal and very funny! I can’t wait for me and my team to read this book!”




Amazing! I really took something away from him.”




Oh my goodness, love this!!! Thank you! I’ve always tried to say I’m not a millennial as I’m right on the line. But you made me proud of my generation.”




Amazing energy!! Has such a great story and wished we had a lot more time to hear from him!!”




My favorite speaker here!”




New perspective on the younger generation.”




Amazing insight! Wish the session was longer!”




Mark is the man! Can’t wait to hear him speak again.”




He was awesome!”




Let’s bottle his energy!!”




Loved his session. Gave me a different perspective towards us Millennials.”