Professional Development


You know a speaker is great when he inspires you to race back to your office or classroom to start implementing what he said. Mark is that kind of speaker.”

Sally Pestana
Kapiolani Community College


Inspirational is an underestimation. Presentation is inspirational with relevance that can be put into action, or re-alignment of existing practices.”

Patrick Leddy
Unit Chair at UH Leeward Community College


Thank you for your positive energy in helping us to remember what is truly important.”

Keith Hayashi
Waipahu High School


Thank you for sharing your ideas and strategies to empower educators/administrators to relook/change their perspectives on the younger generations.”

Judy Cheng
Elementary Teacher at Waikele Elementary School


Your presentation as you prefaced “will be the best”, you exceeded that. I’m inspired, motivated and energized to continue our purpose at our school.”

Sheldon Oshio
Principal at Waikele Elementary


The story telling made for an impactful presentation.”

Michelle Tagorda
University of Hawaii


Loved the Tree image and analogy for career pathways.”

Art Souza
Complex Superintendent at Department of Education Hawaii


The basic concept of Education with Purpose is phenomenal.”

Rachel Solemsaas
Chancellor at Hawaii Community College


Growth happens outside of the comfort zone and we need to have our students create more short term goals. I’m inspired to share this with my peers and to help my students at the elementary level.”

Jacqueline Nuha-Tabernero
Enrichment/Digital Media Specialist at Waikele Elementary


Excellent keynote speaker, relatable and provided information that can be used immediately. Mahalo!”

Tami Williams
Academic Specialist at Leeward Community College


Wade Factor — made me think if within my classroom, I am a Wade or I’m an April.”

Steve Markham
Kapolei Middle School


Such a dynamic, motivational speaker. Came only to assist as needed — left inspired and wanting to learn/read more. Fantastic!”

Serina Makaiwa
Secretary at Leeward Community College


Your anecdotes and humble beginnings transcend through me. Keep flaming. Enthusiasm exudes the room. This conference, most specifically the speaker, regrounded my why in providing on equitable access to my students now and forever. His reinforcement of the words “passion and purpose” all throughout his presentation touched me in profound ways. Keep going!”

Dwayne Karlo Manzanillo
CTE Health Services Teacher at James Campbell High School


Mahalo for reminding me how everyone you come in contact with can make the biggest impact on your life!”

Jzchana Rivera
Pearl City High School


Entertaining and pertinent.”

Wayne Faragan
Teacher at Kapoley Middle School


Radiates enthusiasm, can’t help but laugh and smile.”

Kim Pangelinan
Teacher at Hawaii DOE/Hilo High School


Education Trees! As a CTE recruiting specialist, I am envisioning putting it on the wall outside my office.”

Sydney Dickerson
CTE Retention Specialist at Windward Community College


Growth happens when we are outside our comfort zone. So very true and relevant to what I do as a school counselor. I can’t wait to share the branch creak with my students and parents.”

Audrey Wolz
School Counselor at Roosevelt High School


Very funny, relevant and interesting. Loved the enthusiasm.”

Teresann Tau’a
Vice President at Castle High School


Loved the Career Trees and Wade Factor. Dynamic and powerful! Inspiring educators like myself to change the way we can be game changers in our students lives and get them where they need to be. Mahalo!”

Michael Sana
Instructor/Academy Lead at Waipahu High School


Very inspirational as well as educational.”

Chester Popa
Honolulu Community College


Personal and relatable story to connect with audience. Advice we can use and apply. Mahalo!”

Amanda Miyamoto
Transition Coordinator at James B Castle High School


Great! Dynamic speaker!”

Shelley Ota
Professor at Leeward Community College


Very engaging, great info!”

Jennifer Sugahara
Radford High School


Your speech gave me hope in the youth of today and that I will be able to do a better job.”

Jenny Kelly
Program Director/Assistant Professor at Windward Community College


I was inspired! The Wade Factor!”

Sue Cheung
School Improvement Resource Teacher at Waipahu High School


So interesting!”

Melissa Rietfors
Alu Like, Inc.


Mark was dynamic, inspiring and thought-provoking. I enjoyed hearing him speak. He will influence my instruction not only in my CTE course but in my World Language courses as well. The connections for me are easy to make.”

Kevin Maurice Sledge
Natural Resources Core Teacher at Waipahu High School


Good insight as a parent to move our children to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sheila Ann Dagarag
CTE District Resource Teacher for East Hawaii


Showing the Career Tree will be great to show our students to see the path to education and why it is important.”

Tiara Miguel
General Education Teacher/Program Coordinator at Pahoa High & Intermediate School


Awesome presentation! Privileged to have attended your workshop at LZ ACTE and now another keynote presentation in my home state. Very motivating, knows really how to capture audience, gotta love the good humor, such a bonus.”

Crystal Ceballas
Academic Support Career Readiness & CTE Programs at University of Hawaii Maui College


Inspirational and insightful. Thank you. It gave me much to consider.”

Carey Tambio
Educational Specialist Title I at Hawaii DOE


The information about the generations was great insight.”

Lindy Ishimine
FACS Teacher at Ilima Intermediate


Love the pathway trees, it helps students hone in to what they specifically are interested in and want to do. I appreciate the suggestion of making lifestyle connections to skills and abilities to help hook students to a potential career.”

Taina Aweau
Counselor at Roosevelt High School


Well prepared, knowledgeable, relevant info for audience.”

Calvin Tan
Accounting Professor at Kapiulani Community College


I loved the energy and passion of the presentation — the seamless inclusion of humor really helped to engage us and have us connect to the context.”

Sabrina Feliciano
Teacher at Kalakaua Middle School


The metaphors were spot-on descriptions of what we need to do. Thank you for boosting my confidence in CTE and what we do. I’m a fairly new teacher (and young too) and sometimes the students’ insecurities about job prospects dishearten me. Your speech was so encouraging.”

Jackie Meggs
Waipahu High School


Thank you for sharing your ideas in a dynamic way today! I wish more of our staff were able to hear you!”

Marites Galamgam
Curriculum Coordinator at James Campbell High School


Excellent speaker. His approach and way he views today’s generations is superb. Excellent approach to career development.”

Phillip DePorto
CTE Health Teacher at Waianae High School


I loved your Wade Factor story. Thank you so much for your positive energy and connecting your real life experiences during your keynote.”

Geraldine Valencia
Data Coordinator at James Campbell High School


Great enthusiasm and energy.”

Aina Akamu
CTE Teacher at Kau High School


Thank you for a riveting message.”

Kerstin Pfeiffer
Instructor at West Hawaii Community College – Hawaii University


A breath of fresh air…of fresh purpose.”

Susan Dik
Marketing Professor at Kapiolani Community College


Very relevant feedback on how to support our students today to reach their aspirations for the future! Very inspirational speaker!”

Bernie Tyrell
Principal at JB Castle High School


Great use of examples, anecdotes and humor to support content.”

Elizabeth Higashi
Assistant Principal at Waipahu High School


Great energy and on point.”

Perry Buchalter
Fine Arts/CTE Teacher at Molokai High School


Awesome presentation, thank you!”

Tammy Nakamura
Teacher at Leilehua High School


Shifting my mindset was my biggest take away.”

Rachel Domingo
Teacher at Waipahu High School


Transformative, definitely want to learn more. Thank you, you spoke to me.”

Susie Dill
Accounting Instructor at Hawaii Community College