Professional Development


I could have listened for another hour. Too short! This presentation should be delivered to every school teacher in America.”

TerriAnn Brennan
Sr. Communications Manager at Montgomery County Public Schools


Your insight, framing and context are amazingly aligned with what we need in education today!”

Bob Sinclair
James Hubert Blake High School


Not only was this useful to me as an educator, but it will serve as a tool to help me work with my 17 year old who is stuck and perplexed about her future. I now have a clear path to help her with goal setting and future planning.”

Wanda Coates
Principal at S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary


Best keynote speech I have heard in 30 years.”

Stephen Freeman
VP at M&T Insurance Agency Inc.


Very passionate speaker, funny.”

Ann Dolan
Principal at Gaithersburg Middle School


Mark uses humor, knowledge and personality to convey an important message that will change the lives of people no matter how old.”

Evan Bernstein
Principal at Forest Knolls ES


Great presentation that was extremely informative.”

Jewel Sanders
Principal at Rosa Park Middle School


A refreshing perspective on the younger generation and how to understand, react to and interact with people from the younger generation. Mark’s knowledge and passion are palpable.”

Carl Bencal
Principal at Montgomery County Public Schools


Relatable to the audience at whatever point you are in your life.”

Meredith Casper
Principal at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Love the breakdown of the different generations. This presentation was meaningful and relevant for me both as an educator and a parent of 3 Generation Z kids.”

Chris Troffkin
Interim Principal at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


The presentation is structured well and offers innovative strategies to better prepare youth for their futures.”

Rick Penix
Coordinator, Fine Arts at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Thank you! I really connect to the Wade Factor and want to find Wade.”

Latrice Rogers
Assistant to Associate Superintendent – Curriculum at Montgomery County Public Schools


All presented was relevant and in some cases, a reminder of what I say, know, etc. Refreshing to hear it again in this context. I like the light at the end of the tunnel. The Wade and April factors were also thought-provoking — a good way to remind my staff in the office and classrooms how much better we can be as servants to our school community.”

Deb Berner
Principal at Lakewood ES


Best, most relevant presentation in years!”

Holly Gilbertson
Principal at Montgomery County Public Schools


Practical ways to support the teaching and learning and motivation for not only students, but staff.”

Jae Lee
Principal at Carderock Springs ES


My son is in an automotive program here in MCPS and wants to shift to HVAC. It is so comforting to see his pathway celebrated and affirmed!”

Cassandra Heifetz
Principal at Glen Haven Elementary


Speaker was excellent, I loved the ideas he presented.”

Teri Bell
Coordinator, Infants/Toddlers at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Most of my staff is in the younger generations and being supported and respected is important to them. They need structure and relationships. Be a Wade!”

Cheryl Booker
Principal at Pine Crest Elementary


Great speaker with excellent reality checks. Wonderful message. Thank you for giving respect to career education. It does add relevance to all we do.”

Steve Boden
Supervisor at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Phenomenal presentation.”

Cheryl Pulliam
Principal at Oakland Terrace ES


Very engaging presentation that is relevant to all who are interested in understanding, teaching and supporting younger generations.”

Kecia Addison
Supervisor, Applied Research at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Thank you! Sparks thinking, parents-child career talks.”

Denise Bracalilly Stultz
Director, Family & Community Engagement at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


Best speaker in a long time. I enjoyed the hour and am happy to have his book.”

Debra Mugge
Principal at Wheaton High School


The info confirms info we know but do not or fail to consider as we make educational decisions to support students. We plan, rather how we learn to move about without considering who they are. Thank you!”

Cheryl Dyson
Area Associate Superintendent at Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program


You are awesome. Congratulations on all your success! Keep spreading your message and being a Wade.”

Theresa Testoni
Supervisor, Partnerships Unit


This was the most timely and important message about how we must prepare our students for a successful and competitive future.”

Genevieve Floyd


Strategies to support young people, and my own kids.”

Verna Washington
Pre-K/Head Start Unit Supervisor at Division of Title I and Early Childhood Programs & Services


Your presentation supported what I have always believed, thank you! We must meet people where they are. Love that your strategies are proven successful.”

Deneise Hammond
Rachel Carson Elementary School


Great passion, relevance. Loved it.”

Brandice Heckert
Principal at Winston Churchill High School


Very inspirational! My 5th grade teacher followed your idea (more than 50 years ago) and it definitely set my life course!”

Roni Silverstein
Principal at Fallsmead Elementary