Professional Development


As always, Mark is invigorating and passionate. His energy and caring is contagious. I appreciate the info on Generation Y&Z, the stats and most of all, his insights. Career Tech rocks!”

Ellen Messenger
Director of Communications at Tri-Rivers Career Center


After the presentation, I realized I needed to change the way I connect with students to help them pursue their passion and I need to understand their why for it to be effective.”

Becky Bernard
Career Services Coordinator at EHOVE Career Center


Mark is high energy and in tune with where we need to go to continue to be great — powerful and relevant.”

Frank Polen
Asst. Superintendent/Adult Ed Director at Buckeye Career Center


I feel energized and ready to refocus my staff/students with passion, purpose and performance.”

Kristie Reighard
Principal at Delta High School


Loved his ability to get me to change my perception of success.”

Rekha Manakkal
Director of Sped at Ohio Connections Academy


Excellent speaker, action packed, crammed with great information and access to resources.”

Rob White
Associate Principal & CTE Leader at North Canton City Schools, Hoover HS


Inspirational message! Career Trees are amazing!”

Taryn Miley
PreK-5 Director of Curriculum at Springfield Local Schools


I’m very interested in recruiting techniques you discussed. You are a very dynamic speaker with excellent insight!”

Lynette Walby
Asst. Director at Vanguard Tech Center


Assist the younger generation in envisioning their desired lifestyle to realize their why in a positive way. This is best done by showing them respect from the beginning. Exciting, relatable and incredibly useful presentation! Thank you!”

Haley Abraugh
Career Advisor at EHOVE Career Center


Can’t wait to share ideas on competitive advantage with my students. I plan to shift my students and colleagues thinking from College and Career readiness to career readiness.”

Luke Armstrong
Career Development Intervention Specialist at Westland High School


It was very eye opening!”

Belinda Sasala
Adult Director of Education at Maplewood Career Center


Lots of energy and passion!”

Eugenie Coss
Intervention Specialist at Foxfire School


I will take Mark’s info about competitive edge to my careers class. I will also use the term professional skills or 21st century skills and not soft skills.”

Kris Bruce
FCS Teacher at Pioneer Career & Technology Center/Crestline HS


Your presentation on the generations and the different styles, this is essential! Awesome! This is a huge cultural shift.”

Tiffany Dargenson
Workforce Supervisor at Ohio Means Jobs Defiance/Paulding Counties


It was insightful, not only about how to engage students but on how I work in the workforce.”

Louise Feciuch
Supervisor at Portage County Job & Family Services


Mark’s session was the most inspiring and engaging experience I have had in a long time to regard to K-12 public education and the shift we have to make to help our young students define their purpose.”

Chad Wyen
Superintendent at Mad River Local Schools


Thank you for addressing the importance in reaching students in middle school. By 9th grade they need to have a for now plan. I have 5 sons, I wish I would have met you 10 years ago.”

Kimberly Palocsay
Middle School Math & CTE at Ohio Virtual Academy


Mark and his team are engaging and right on with their message. It takes many parts of learning to make change stick!”

Frank Polen
Asst. Superintendent/Director of Adult Ed at Buckeye Career Center


Great storytelling!”

Shane Jackson
Principal at Alliance City Schools


This presentation was encouraging as I prepare for my new year of juniors and seniors!”

Jen Joh
English Teacher at Hilltop High School


Very informative! Mark has high energy and it is innovative.”

Teneah Chambers
YouthBuild High School


The presentation was dynamic!”

Cariss Smith
Education Outreach Coordinator at Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


Great presenter — very engaging.”

Mary Flint
Director at Trumbull Career & Technical Center


One of the best keynote speakers I have heard, gave me the words to use when talking to my peers about working with students.”

Denise Giesecke
Career Assessment at South Western City Schools


The biggest AHA moment for me was the revelation that I should start with questions about lifestyle desires rather than career interests. This presentation was phenomenal, relevant, passionate and inspiring.”

Eileen Wood
Transition Coach at Canton City School District/McKinley High School


Uses humor, real life scenarios to keep his presentation spot on! Keeps us aware of future.”

Bobbie Grice
Educational Consultant/Board Member at Warren County Career Center


Informative and up to date.”

Renee Baka
Portage County JFS/Ohio Means Jobs


Really enjoyed hearing your passion and enthusiasm. Keep up the great work you are doing.”

Richard George
Director, Adult Education at Tri-Rivers Career Center


Mark Perna and his team totally get career-technical education.”

Michael Elliott
Director at Washington County Career Center



Lori Robson
Exec. Director of Educational Services at East Central Ohio ESC


Powerful, enlightening, motivating.”

Glen Zalenski
Instructor at Jefferson County JVS


I have been talking about these issues my entire teaching career. You did it much better! Great presentation!”

Anthony Rozman
Teacher at Euclid High School


Great presentation! Mark brings validity to many ideas “floating around”. Hopefully I will be able to bring to my school districts.”

Barbara Duval
Curriculum Supervisor at Allen County ESC


Great presentation!”

Stephanie Adams
Community Outreach Director at The Dayton Regional STEM School


Informative and useful.”

Cheryl Watson
Director at Columbus Downtown High School


Good advice on how to craft literature, really high impact stuff.”

Chris Wilke
Director at Purcell Marian High School


Connect, engage & answer why! The presentation was so impactful that I bought the book!”

Jeff Goodwin
Principal at Edison High School