Professional Development TEST_PD ACTEVision2015

The Career Tree is a great idea for all departments! This makes so much sense, I am glad you have put it all together with great delivery.”

Carla Langseth
Career Counselor at Triumph High School


Mark’s workshop provided me with the solutions I was looking for to help build my program. I was so impressed by his presentation, I would love for him to come speak at my school!”

Lily Apedaile
Billings Career Center


Loved the Career Tree and info on generations.”

Danielle Stoddard
CTE Recruitment at Illinois Valley Community College


He caught my attention from the moment I walked in. I wish I could replicate the entire presentation.”

Johnny Fernandez
Assistant Principal at Centaurus High School


The idea of the showcase is great!”

Juan-Carlos Medina
CTE Instructor at Hobbs High School


This was the most relevant session I’ve ever been to.”

Tim Sprinkles
Vice Principal at SAVA Charter School


The Career Tree, Education with Purpose references, and showcase ideas were fabulous. I learned a lot about the characteristics of Gen Y.”

Emelina Camacho-Mendez
CTE/Cpecial Ed, CTE Rep at NYC Department of Education


The presentation was 4 hours long, but I was engaged! I learned a lot and I am so glad I attended this session!”

Ismael Andrade
School Counselor at Adams 14 – Adams City High School


Awesome presentation! A very motivating message for CTE professionals.”

Victor Cafo
Education Specialist at Oregon Department of Education


I knew I needed to change my message for today’s students. Mark’s Career Tree provided me the vision to help kids see what really can be!”

Jared Smith
Counselor at Bonneville High School


Mark provided information and tools that can be put to use the day I return to my school.”

Brad Case
Asst. Principal at Genesee Career Institute


The Career Tree was an amazing concept.”

Derek Peterson
Counselor at Queen Creek High School


Your presentation has given me a better perspective of how we can retain our students, which has been difficult for our school.”

Lurline Manalo
Student Services Coordinator


I took notes that I hope to translate into our program so we better serve our possible student population.”

Eugenio Basualdo
Grad Studies Coordinator at State University of NY, College at Oswego


I really like the Career Tree, the detail on the Gen Y and discussion on generational differences.”

Barbara Klingensmith
Board of Education Member at Ashtabula County Technical Career Center


Not only does Mark provide useful and impactful tools, but he models and practices those tools and connects the dots. He answers the why.”

Yenta Jaques
Business Teacher at Paris Gibson Education Center


The Career Tree is huge.”

Jim Hogan
Director at Missouri Department of Elem. & Sec. Education


This gave me a greater picture of what is possible in CTE programs and what each program is capable of. The marketing of a CTE program is such valuable information. Thank you!”

Penny Belgarde
Career Resource Coordinator at ND Career Resource Network


Helped clarify some ideas and provided some philosophical touchstones for my own strategic planning efforts.”

John Bayerl
CTE/Perkins Supervisor at Michael Berry Career Center


Loved the Tree and strong relevance to CTE.”

Joseph Stemrich, Sr.
Career Institute of Technology


The connection of the profile of Gen Y students to the light at the end of the tunnel via the Career Tree is timely and relevant. Educators need to make connectors just like students do!”

Kristin Williams-Smalley
Career Integration Specialist at School District of Philadelphia


Mark is always high energy and thought provoking.”

Kit Tyler
Director at Lorain County JVS


I love everything you do.”

Margaret Callahan
Principal at Seacoast School of Technology


I am in awe of the creative simplicity of the Career Tree. Students will gain pride, take ownership and know what they know.”

Joy Coffey
College/Career Counselor at Green County High School


This is the best presentation I’ve attended at the conference.”

Chris Shaw
Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Calhoun County Career Academy


Fantastic! I love the use of the Career Tree for each program. I can see the benefits of having this visual aid in each program especially for recruitment purposes.”

Beth Turner
DeSoto County Career and Technology Center East


Everything was awesome! I want to be the water that helps develop the strong roots and then help that Tree grow!”

Tracie Opolka
Business Education at Hackett High School


I really wish my students were sitting next to me. Mark is so passionate, you can’t help but be motivated. Best speaker I have been to in a long time.”

Stacey Bellissimo
Teacher at Frank W. Cox High School


Loved the Tree!”

Leah Lawrence
Chanute High School


Career Tree, CTE is a student’s competitive advantage — brilliant!”

Cathy LeCompte
Assoc. Dean of CTE at University of Alaska Anchorage – Comm & Tech College


Your energy, relevant points and understanding about generations opens my focal points and pushes me further with not just what my program could be, but what our whole CTE program could be!”

Jennifer Jepson
ECE Instructor at Cienega High School


The Career Tree is awesome. This was a great presentation and eye opening as to how and why our programs are so important, with an easy way to promote them.”

Tina Twiggs
FCS Teacher at Bristol Central High School


Great presentation!”

Donald Gill
Livingston Parish Public Schools


The Career Tree opens up possibilities for students, not just entry-level options only.”

Karen Riche
Cosmetology Instructor at Public Service Leadership Academy, Fowler HS


The Tree is an excellent organizational tool.”

Karin Crouch
CTE Business Teacher at Ridgeview High School


The whole presentation was fantastic.”

Joseph DeMarco
Maintenance Trainer at Mementive Performance Materials


Fantastic! A must hear!”

Anne Kline
College & Career Readiness Counselor at Owen County High School


Mark, you have lots of enthusiasm and energy. Thanks for letting the people in the audience make comments.”

Karen Larsen
Vancouver School Board


Our students are visual learners and they will relate to the Career Tree.”

Stephanie Pippin
RVT, Vet Assisting Instructor at Four County Career Center


The Career Tree concept is amazing! Every teacher needs to use this to see where their students want to go and how they can help them get there. This has been the best session I have attended. The information really touched home for me. Thank you so much for bringing the Tree concept to us!”

Angelyn Glasgow
Cosmetology Instructor at Petersburg High School


Love the Career Tree, it’s very student friendly.”

Robin Rixon
College & Career Readiness Counselor at Russel County High School


Great, engaging, challenging.”

Jay Leviton
Executive Director at Renton School District


The Career Tree should be used to promote CTE everywhere. It gives purpose to our students and our lessons. Great, motivating presentation.”

Laura Schwinn
Emporia High School