Professional Development


Practical solutions to perceived impenetrable problems…thanks for the breath of fresh air!”

Tonya Ramey
High School Director at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center


Your presentation is the best I’ve ever heard and this is my 40th year in education!”

Caroline Bloxom
High School Principal/County CTE Supervisor at Worcester County Public Schools/Tech High School


You are an engaging and dynamic speaker. Thank you for your energy, passion and commitment!”

Jenn Edgar
CTE Regional Coordinator at Mt. Hood Community College


You gave me hope and inspiration at a critical time. Thank you!”

Karen Grandinetti
Enrollment Strategist at Central NM Community College


Everything was great, I really like the Career Tree concept.”

Dave Curry
Director CTE at Milton Hershey School


Excellent and relevant, words that can drive strategies and hope that can be used immediately.”

Rodney Wright
Principal at Belen High School


This is powerful and inspiring.”

Leslie Lloyd
Homestead High School


Excellent presentation and a valuable tool for any industry-based high school. Can’t wait to discuss it with my students and administrator.”

Lucy Alfonso
Transition Coach at ACE Leadership High School


I appreciate your insight regarding Gen Z, they are amazing and I am excited to see them flourish!”

Tricia Jacobsen
Vice Principal at Fresno Adult School


Finally someone has put my ideas about CTE into a common sense, forward-thinking way! Loved this presentation. This needs to go to higher ed also!”

Kim O’Byrne
Career Specialist/AG Teacher at Las Cruces Public Schools


Great energy, passion for change.”

Gus Pina
New Mexico State University


Thank you for the ideas, motivation and energy. I am excited again!”

Marisa Martinez
Coordinator of College & Career Readiness at District 300


It was all valuable.”

Leslie Clark
Campus Director at Tulsa Tech


This presentation exceeded my expectations. The material is invaluable as we can learn how to recruit and retain secondary students. Thank you!”

Kathy Breweur
CTE Director at Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools


Very helpful and actionable. I know now that I didn’t need a miracle to achieve results at my college, I just need simple tools and a motivated team!”

Amy Ballard
Associate Dean, School of Applied Tech at Central NM Community College


The session was engaging with excellent conceptual ideas that can be implemented. Validates what the direction we have taken this year.”

Paulette Bonneau
Director at Billeford Regional Center of Technology


All info/strategies were great!”

Becky Castro
Project Manager at Fresno Unified/Fresno Adult School


Great information plus a challenge to take back home.”

Lorie Honeycutt
CTE Coordinator at Yuma Union High School District


This is one of the best presentations for anyone working in CTE. It applies to all the partners including industry as we move forward.”

Harriet Happel
CTE Director at College of the Canyons


I liked how you stressed the importance of lifestyle to Gen Why and program copy points that emphasize experience. You gave an outstanding presentation. Thank you! This was worth the trip from Alaska.”

Dan Retzinger
Electronics Instructor at Anchorage School District, King Career Center


This is exactly what our team needed to help move us to the next step as we begin recruitment for our CTE school. What we needed was to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Mark!”

Julie Vincek
Counselor at Anchorage School District, King Career Center


All was phenomenal but I loved the marketing.”

Joni Simpson
College & Career Coordinator at Fairbanks North Star Borough School District


CTE does make a difference! Thank you.”

Christine Phipps
Director at Career Technical Education Project