Professional Development



Create a strategic plan — no more random acts of promotion of CTE! I can hardly wait to get back to my district and get to work. This presentation has been a call to action for me as a Director. I owe it to my students and teachers to follow Mark’s advice.”

Sharon Fochtman
Director, Career & College Readiness at Sumner School District


The Millennial information was mind blowing. Loved the Wade factor!”

Elena Hernandez
Peer Coach Leader and CTE Teacher at Colton Redlands Yucaipa ROP


Mark is a captivating and engaging speaker. His passion to help others be more successful is contagious. If you are not motivated to Be a Wade after this presentation, you are in the wrong business.”

Christopher Moritzen
Administrative Director at Western Montgomery CTC


Mark demonstrated a complete understanding of Millennials and how to reach out to them. Truly appreciated that someone else understands that there is a lack of pride for CTE; good to hear that others recognize what I feel. Very unified presentation and very educational to me — it got my mind going about what to do next!”

Bonny Copenhaver
VP, Academic Affairs at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College


Best presentation on Millennials. Extremely helpful on how I’m going to interact with my students and engage them in finding their light.”

Kristin Garcia
Counselor at Early College HS/Career Pathways


Very impressed. This was bold, direct and clear. I will go into my classroom with a clearer, more positive attitude and the pride that I need to instill in my students, their families and future students.”

Sheila Selden
Designer/Educator at Sugar River Valley Regional Tech Center


Mark is a motivational, inspiring, dynamic ambassador for CTE and education as a whole.”

Kermit Hines
Principal at Dorchester Career & Technology


Finally, a solid plan to change how we reach our students. The content makes sense and is something I can show my staff and start implementing asap.”

Heather Pelletier
Student Services Coordinator at Hancock County Technical Center


This presentation showed me that we have to strategically plan to build connections for enrollment/retention. You helped me see that this is doable and I am our own worst enemy with my focus on the obstacles.”

Karen Hay
Director at Washington Network for Innovative Careers – WANIC Skill Center


Great ideas that do not require a large budget!”

Lisa Blanchard
Sports Medicine Teacher at Vail School District


Mark is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. I would recommend this training to all educators.”

Cary Wieland
Principal at Waterloo Community School District


Make it fun and let them see the light at the end of the tunnel. So much I gained, I need time to process. I can’t wait to share and plan!”

Rita Broughall
Cosmetology Instructor at Sugar River Valley Regional Tech Center


Mark’s tips were very applicable to secondary academies as well. It’s all about relationship building.”

Emily Roseberry
Assistant Principal at North Slope Borough School District


This presentation covered Gen Y youths and understanding them, along with more positive approaches to highlighting my program. I really left with a greater understanding of how to communicate with my students and their parents. This was fun, energetic and a very fast 4 hours.”

Amy Link
Health Teacher at Andrada High School


This was a great seminar. I hope to be able to get Mark to come speak at Chattanooga State Community College.”

Dan Wood
Assistant Professor at Chattanooga State Community College


Retention, partnerships, getting the right student in the right program for the right reasons, and Wade — all awesome material presented in a coherent and actionable manner.”

Peter Lauf
CTE Outreach Coordinator at Lane Education Service District


This is the third time I have heard Mark, and I have learned something new and useful each time.”

Murray Fenn
Consultant at Green Hills Area Education Agency


Feedback on Generation Y was spot on, as was how to gain their respect. Great reminder. Very helpful outlook and applies to all programs, not just CTE.”

Matt Donaldson
Principal at Empire High School


I wish every presenter was as sincere and honest as Mark was. He really seems to get our CTE students.”

Nathan Greven
Culinary Instructor at Dalton Public Schools


I wish I had attended the extended version of this workshop. It was so much good information to take in, in such a short period of time.”

Shannon Whittie
Curriculum & Instruction Specialist at Great Oaks Institute of Technology


Be a Wade! This session recharged my need to create authentic experiences for my kids.”

Nick Low
Teacher at Prairie Ridge High School


Great info on mindset of Millennials and getting everyone to think marketing. I can’t wait to get back and share this with my staff.”

Brian Miller
Teacher at Kern High School District


This presentation inspired me to discover ways to connect experiences and concepts to a student’s lifetime/career goals.”

Eric Rubenstein
Assistant Professor at University of Georgia


The energy and passion that Mark showed today is exactly what each and every one of us in education has to show to recruit students every day and then the recruitment/retention problems go away!”

Cindy Zomar
Admissions/PR Coordinator at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School


Engaging, informative and left me wanting more!”

Shawn Eckenrode
Field Resource Instructor at Penn State University, Prof Personnel Development Center


I wish my older teachers could hear this! There’s a huge difference between kids now versus several years ago.”

Kim Howat
Counselor at Harrison High School


Experience is everything and this experience was great!”

Kristin Gunson
CTE Regional Coordinator at Lane Educational Service District