Professional Development


Mark was the most colorful speaker I have ever heard in 27 years in education.”

Robert Limpert
CTE Director at Harford County Public Schools

You make me want to be a better teacher, thank you.”

Taylor Bohon
Teacher at Franklin County High School

Mark’s passion and stories inspire people from all walks of life to engage in CTE.”

Brandt Shaw
CTE Coordinator at Davis School District

Thank you for such a wonderful presentation! What a great way to think about how to present career options to my students.”

Eve McOmber
Teacher at Desertview High School

Mark’s message will change the landscape of the focus of educational efforts.”

Stephen Bennett
Instructional Specialist at Katy ISD

Inspirational beyond belief. I had goosebumps!”

Shannon Balerud
Career Advisor at Bismarck Public Schools

I want to share this message with my colleagues so that our kids find the light.”

Tara Gable
Teacher & PBIS Coordinator at Franklin County High School

You are a rockstar! Inspirational and full of life. Engaging and spot on about the generational differences. I want to be up on the stage with you and make a difference!”

Joe Fullington
Dean of School of Business & Transportation at Gateway Technical College

You connected all the dots to what I already know at a gut level, provided the rationale and provided focused attention.”

Andy Reimer
Border Land School Division

Greatest passion and supporting facts for CTE I have heard in 27 years of teaching. Very motivating!”

Mike Marchant
Middle Level CTE at Natrona County School District

Thank you for speaking truth about students not all being on the same path and bringing this keynote around the country.”

Molly Tutje
Teacher at Widefield School District

A spot on presentation extolling the value of CTE. Inspiring and powerful, but more importantly paradigm shifting for the education system.”

Christian Kish
Principal at Burton Center for Arts & Technology

I was struggling to reach kids/students in the last 3-5 years. I realized today that my message needs to change because my market changed. I need to change.”

John Scott Fuenfhausen
Marketing Instructor at Columbia Area Career Center

Mark shared so many great ideas and mindsets that I’m excited to take back to my school. I plan to share with my administrators and students.”

Jenna Medlen
Teacher at WCSD #7

Thank you, thanks for sharing a light positively on Millennials and Gen Z.”

Patti Thibant
Teacher at Sunnyside High School

As an administrator of a traditional high school with a technical school connected to us, I am now going to be the biggest supporter of moving us in the direction getting students career ready period.”

Robert Miner
Assistant Principal at Nevada High School

Thanks for being engaging!”

Gabrielle Rickley
Counselor at Omaha Public Schools

Love the career ready approach and focus on different levels and pathways to get to different career opportunities.”

Jennifer Mellor
Greater Phoenix Chamber

This is my first time hearing Mark speak and it was an eye-opening session! Thank you Mark!”

Fran Parent
Director, Perkins Grant at Lee College

Inspiring and practical. Thank you!”

Lizzy Sullivan
School Counselor at Montgomery County Public Schools

Awesome presentation! Very inspiring!”

Debbie Combs
School Counselor at Blacksburg High School

I teach Computer Science and your son mirrors my students — loved the story.”

Vivian West
Hardin Valley Academy

Great speaker.”

Thomas Boyd
Teacher at Albuquerque Public Schools

Mark understands the challenges in CTE, more importantly the mindset of youth and what makes them unique and makes them great!”

Tina Bacigalupo
Career Counselor at Saginaw School District

Loved the passion. This resonated with me as a school employee and a mother.”

Layla Pett
CTE Assistant/Instructional Asst SPED at Cascade School District

Inspiration at a time it was needed, thank you!”

DJ Bowker
Business Industry Career Coordinator at OKC Public Schools

Mark, I greatly appreciate your passion for this topic.”

Brian Gordon
Director at Three Rivers Education for Employment System

Thank you for your knowledge and passion.”

Ashley White
Teacher/Counselor at SEITEC

The Career Tree is outstanding. I’ve been looking for your information about what these kids want, they seem to differ so much it is sometimes challenging to market to them.”

Carla Hagan
Asst Professor at Eastern Kentucky University

Great strategies to take away. Ways to talk to the younger generation to get them to think about their plan.”

Mike Cognetti
Teacher/CTE Dept Chair at Argo Community High School

Learned a lot about how to support my students and my own children.”

Lisa Summeler
Teacher at Walker Career Center

Insight on this generation was most helpful. I’ve see it first hand they need respect first and then will respect you.”

Michelle Montgomery
Teacher at Orange Vista High School

Amazing, loved it all!”

Jaime McClure
Dean at Chandler Unified School District

It’s important to get kids to understand their passion is the key to their purpose and success, not what someone else wants them to do. Second time hearing you speak! Just as informational and engaging!”

Arlene Crabtree
Technology Integration Specialist at Frankfort Independent Schools

Great presentation with application.”

Gary Embree
Vice President at Woodland High School

Should be keynote for ACTE 2020 Vision!”

Kari Mueller
CCR Consultant at Cesa 6

This is fundamental information, everyone needs to work together and make a difference. We need to help our youth find the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Nicole Lord
CTE Director at Flushing Schools

Felt like someone recognized the positive attributes of youth and how to connect their learning to their purpose.”

Rheanna Lipari
Teacher at Madera Technical Exploration Center

Great presentation — best I was able to attend so far. My belief in all kids have something to give and a place to go. It’s my job to help them get there.”

Tara Norris
Teacher at Hinds Career Center

Gave me more clarification and tips to serve younger generations and help them find a why and purpose.”

Salote Brown
Advisor at Salt Lake Community College

Dynamic, real world, very relatable.”

Brenda Vargas
Director of Counseling & Social Services at Chandler Unified Schools

Great overview on generations.”

Linda Williams
Cordova High School

Fast talk, made my heart race a little but I loved the info and your passion.”

Tammy Heft
Counselor at Christiansburg High School

Great energy and extremely relevant.”

Toussaint Stewart
Teacher at Dewey Academy High School

The most dynamic messages I’ve heard regarding CTE and career readiness.”

Marcus Metcalf
Construction Trades Teacher at Merced Union High School District

2nd time hearing Mark and it’s always amazing!”

Lindsay Duran
Assistant Director of CTE at Chandler USD

How can we get this presentation to people in our participating school districts? This message needs to get to counselors and parents.”

Tim Pratt
Asst Principal/Asst Director at Area 31 Career Center

I’ve made it my goal to disrupt education but I’ve let the distractions stand in my way. I will now focus on my purpose and the end of the tunnel.”

Jessica Tereth
Entrepreneurship Teacher at Paramount Unified

Best session ever.”

Lisa McKinney
Assistant Director at Tri-Tech Skills Center

Wow! Everything I talk about in dept meeting, advisory meeting, with friends, teachers — you said it perfectly!”

Nicole Hoofard
AG Teacher at Escondido High School

Every school administrator needs to see this presentation.”

Frank LaMantia
CTE Director at CHSD 218

Great energy! Simple but focused/targeted info. Makes me excited to be a CTE teacher!”

Nicole Calderilla
CTE Instructor/Dept Chair at Beaumonth Unified School District