Professional Development



I had the opportunity to hear Mark Perna as a keynote speaker and found his message one of motivation, one that people can relate to, and a message that champions education and specifically career technical education. We were able to arrange for Mark to return and present to our teachers and administrators. Mark did a fantastic job over the 7 plus hours, and I had one teacher sitting near me look me in the eye and say “I have been doing this gig for 33 years and attended many workshops and speakers—this is the best I have ever attended”.

Looking for a presenter to motivate teachers, administrators, counselors, parents and trustees about the value of CTE and/or how to improve their already great program? Mark Perna is who you need to schedule for your next professional development.”

Andy Wiseman
Director/Principal at ARTEC RPTCS


Your passion is contagious. You make professional development interesting and relevant.”

Derek Jones
AG Teacher at Buhl High School


Mark met his goal, the best inservice presentation I have attended in 30 years of educational inservices. I enjoyed Mark’s passion for his topic!”

Mark Schaal
Business Teacher at Twin Falls High School


The Career Tree would be wonderful to implement in our school. I am new to the education field and learned a lot of valuable concepts that I am going to share with our staff in a presentation. Thank you.”

Anne Peterson
Career & College Advisor at Magic Valley High School


Never have I been so engaged and understood as a young teacher of CTE. Mark took us all to a place of acceptance and comradery as CTE educators.”

Alyssa Rangel
FCS Teacher at Minico High School


This was very helpful. It gave me some real tools to use to promote my program and CTE generally. Thank you for coming back to Idaho!”

Vanessa Casad
FCS Teacher at Jerome High School


Fabulous information. Thanks for sharing it so enthusiastically. Great time.”

Julie Green
Teacher at Malad High School


Very relevant, great information.”

Polly Hulsey
College of Southern Idaho


Best day of professional development I have ever attended. Critically relevant for CTE staff.”

Rachel Madsen
Administrator/Health Science Instructor at Southeastern ID Tech Charter School


Very motivating speaker. Helping me solve problems. You made me feel like I can successfully implement what you taught. Thank you!”

Janet Cole
Burley High School


Great program.”

Gary Showers
Health Science Instructor at Twin Falls High School


Great information, the whole package was very impactful. Great meeting you and hearing your presentation.”

Erin Lundy
Culinary Arts at Twin Falls High School


Love the Career Tree.”

Darnea Lamb
Director of Accountability at Madison School District 321


Great presentation.”

Jordan Busby
Principal at Madison High School


I really liked the idea of changing our perceptions of students, such as how they think, respect, etc.”

Debbie Taylor
Instructor at Cassia High School


Excellent, so much information that I can use in my classes.”

Alysann Alves
FCS Teacher


Very well done!”

Sarah LaMarche
Twin Falls High School


Greatest presentation ever!”

Greg Urbany
Residential Construction Teacher at Wood River High School