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Keynote Address Testimonials:

Understanding the passions and needs of others creates engagement and leads to success. Mark Perna understands and preaches this in an engaging and embracing monologue.”

Mark Drury
Vice President, Business Development at Shapiro & Duncan Inc.


One of the most informative presentations that I have ever been involved with at the professional level. Mark gives a great perspective on how to understand the Millennial Generation.”

Wade Thompson
Vice President, Membership/Workforce at ABC North Alabama


Outstanding presentation! Informative and funny, lots of great information for a Gen X’er working in the Millennial world.”

Bill Roachell
President at ABC of Arkansas


This was seeing my life generalized through someone else’s eyes. It made me self-reflect, made me proud, made me see direction and made me laugh at myself.”

Megan Greenland
Director of Events and Communications at ABC Arkansas Chapter


Mark presented one of the greatest keynotes that I have ever heard…and I have heard many keynotes.”

Suzanne Knight
Education Coordinator at ABC of Wisconsin


We are planning a large-scale, multi-industrial, career exploration event for 6,000 students. The career day talking points were game changing for me as I think about how we interact with students. Thank you!”

Jen Schottke
Member Company Owner


I feel that Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and information that is a resource for the WPIC. We need to use his model. This presentation aligns with our strategic goal for recruiting and marketing and I am challenged to guide the WPIC in this direction.”

Mittie Cannon
Member Company Senior Management/Staff


Engaging presentation of extremely useful knowledge!”
Vincent Console
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


I have long believed in a version of SW4 so onward with that! Also the showcase and career light example and depth of understanding were very provocative. You are well informed. Passionate, entertaining, real. Very worthwhile. Thank you.”

Jay Sweeney
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Friendly, quick on feet, excellent speaker, grounded in truth!”

Tom Wanamaker
Member Company Senior Management/Staff


Mark is engaging and knowledgeable. Very pertinent information. Valid, useable data!”

Lisa Boyette
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Having just completed a new strategic plan and 5.2M $ training facility, this was very timely. We are committing financial resources to marketing and reaching the student influencers.”

David Sload
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Mark really is a wonderful speaker… Mark has great insights that HR needs to hear. He is making a difference with solutions being offered.”

Katy Rittle
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Very few speakers have this kind of an impact! Mark is excellent and I would love to work with him on future projects.”

Angel Hicks
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


The SW4 process is something that I will take back with me to use in my everyday experience. Excellent presentation!”

Wade Thompson
Workforce Development Director


Excellent, dynamic, terrific!”

Theresa Ptacek
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Thank you so much. Provided such great ideas that I can’t wait to use.”

Elizabeth Roddy
Chapter Senior Management/Staff


Excellent speaker! Loved the session.”

Deb Hose
Chapter Senior Management/Staff