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Thanks for Your Interest in the Career Tree!

Below you’ll find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Career Tree®. If you don’t see your question answered below, please ask us here!

After the first year, what do we get with the annual fee that we didn’t already get in year one?

The Annual Renewal grants you the legal right to continue using the copyrighted intellectual property of Education with Purpose® and the Career Tree strategy. The right to use these concepts and terms is available only through the TFS limited use license. Use of Education with Purpose® or the Career Tree, in whole or in part, without an active, up-to-date license is strictly prohibited by law.

In addition, by renewing your license you will receive ongoing enhancements, best practices, and updates as we continue to innovate the Career Tree experience for maximum impact.

How many classroom materials are available?

In addition to the Interactive Wall Graphic, Career Leaf and Alumni labels, and videos that may be shown in the classroom, the Career Tree includes fillable PDFs for student use. The first is a Compare & Contrast sheet that provides an easy way for students to look at the differences between several initial career interests, with a corresponding Lifestyle section to help students envision the lifestyle they can enjoy through these careers.

Once students have narrowed down their career choices, the Branch Report helps them research their chosen career and corresponding lifestyle to present their findings in class, covering such areas as the career title, salary, responsibilities, and required training. The “Make It Personal” section helps students think through the career on a personal level and determine whether or not they want to pursue it.

The Root System Career Plan is designed as an ongoing, yearlong exercise with students once they have placed their Career Leaf on the Tree. This tool also functions as a robust plan of study. Students will look at things like academic requirements, career-related experiences, creating a competitive advantage, practicing professional skills, re-motivating themselves when career goals seem distant or difficult, and much more.

The Resume Planner is just that: a powerful tool to help students build substantive and impactful content for their first resumes. Though it’s designed as the next step once students have worked through the Root System Career Plan, it can be used at any time and may be especially helpful for students who are currently seeking part-time employment.

As more classroom materials are developed, we look forward to rolling them out to our Career Tree community at no additional charge.

Are there classroom materials that support the student learning of the program, where to go to research the program, etc.?

These materials are currently in development. Part of the goal of the Career Tree is to empower students to discover the information for themselves rather than providing readymade answers. However, the Career Tree Curriculum Guide (designed for teachers) contains useful links and information for teachers to help students launch their career research journey.

Is there a student portal as well?

No, not at this time. The plans for the student portal at TFSCareerTree.com are currently in the works. We’ll keep the Career Tree community posted when it’s available!

Is there an option to purchase a stock Career Tree instead of having teachers create it? If no, could we look at other Trees to help build ours?

Due to the unique nature of each organization, program, local labor market, and other factors, we do not offer stock Career Trees. Part of the power of the Career Tree is how it can be used to craft a compelling narrative for your unique program.

We encourage your team to research their fields and put together 12 of the most exciting, viable, living-wage careers available at each level in your region. Once your team has completed this step on the portal, they unlock the Career Tree Data Forest, which displays the careers that other organizations have used to build their program Trees. You then have the option to pull careers from the Data Forest to supplement the careers that were initially used, if needed.

How long does it typically take to build a Career Tree?

This depends on many factors that are unique to your organization, including your internal Career Tree training schedule, teacher availability, and approval process. Your Career Trees can be created as quickly as your team’s schedule allows. Once finalized, approved, and ordered, your Interactive Wall Graphics and Career Leaf/Alumni labels will be produced and shipped within 5–7 business days.

Are there other schools in our state using the Career Tree?

The Career Tree is currently being used across North America, including Canada.

Can we print our own Interactive Wall Graphics?

TFS does not allow other vendors to print any Career Tree materials. This is due to the strict guidelines for printing on an advanced material, ensuring image clarity, and guaranteeing that all graphics, images, adhesion, and strategies remain consistent nationwide. By retaining all printing rights, TFS is able to deliver maximum brand impact for each Career Tree organization and career education as a whole.

Is it possible to access the portal as a trial to see what it all entails?

If you would like to see the TFSCareerTree.com portal, we’d be happy to set up a webinar demo. Just drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch to schedule your demo.

Do you offer hands-on coaching to help our organization launch the Career Tree?

Although we have designed the Career Tree and its training materials to be as intuitive and self-directed as possible, we do offer implementation support for organizations with specialized needs. We encourage you to explore the available resources and then contact us to start the conversation!

Where can I find more information about the Career Tree?

The Career Tree is discussed in depth in TFS founder Mark C. Perna’s best-selling book Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, available now. You may also contact the TFS team at 330.840.2680 or send us a message.

The Education with Purpose® Career Tree® name, image, philosophy, and strategies are copyrights of Mark C. Perna and TFS. Any use of this intellectual property, in whole or in part, without permission is strictly prohibited by law. Copyright © Mark C. Perna and TFS. All rights reserved.

Career Tree Pricing

Below, you will find our pricing information for the Career Tree in the U.S. and Canada. Whether you represent an organization or are a teacher looking for a single Career Tree for your classroom, we have a Career Tree package to meet your needs.

Career Tree Pricing Sheet_v2.8

Career Tree Pricing Sheet_v2.8_CAN

To order your Career Tree, contact the TFS team at 330.840.2680 or send us a message. We’ll provide the Initial Development Authorization for you to sign so we can start creating your branded Career Tree materials. Experience the power of the Career Tree in your organization — contact us today!

The Education with Purpose® Career Tree® name, image, philosophy, and strategies are copyrights of Mark C. Perna and TFS. Any use of this intellectual property, in whole or in part, without permission is strictly prohibited by law. Copyright © Mark C. Perna and TFS. All rights reserved.

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