Professional Development


Great storytelling! I was engaged start to finish. I need a Tree, awesome visual. Loved this, you lived up to the pitch.”

Lynn Smaagaard
Marketing Faculty


Great presentation. A lot of great useful information. Motivational.”

Karla Steele
Nursing Faculty


Wow! Outstanding, relevant and will change what we do. Great focus on attracting students.”

David Borrett
Paramedic Faculty


Love the Career Tree concept. Excellent presentation, very informative on how to help students become successful and connected to college.”

Janiel Preuss
Nursing Faculty


A fresh vision of what I know and do!”

Brigid Shea
Support Service Facilitator


I work in the addiction field; without goal or purpose, people struggle to put their addiction in remission. The Tree concept would be great in the addiction field even outside of college with students.”

Deb Chmieleski
Faculty/Program Director


As a new teacher, the info shared was perfect to get my mind and teaching philosophy moving in the right direction.”

John Pien


Congratulations! This was truly the most inspirational speech I’ve ever listened to! Thank you!”

Padma Ramlall


You did a great job.”

Margaret Krohn
Kitchen & Bath Design Program Director


Thanks for the pep talk!”

Sarah Rodriguez
Interior Design Faculty


Informative, enlightening, useful. Looking forward to the work!”

Joyce Coleman
VP Student Affairs


Very engaging and relative, thank you!”

Julie Kupfer


Thanks for the enthusiasm.”

Mike Raney
Math Instructor


Very inspirational and engaging.”

Raina Cuthbert
Medical Careers Teacher


I had an April experience yesterday at the dentist office and after listening to your story, I will use my experience to teach the value of customer service. Keep up the unique, special and important work you do!”

Rita Gordon
Dental Occupations Instructor


Mark has summarized, in a positive way, all of the frustrations, obstacles and barriers that CTE faculty have faced for the past 15 years.”

Kim Schmitzer
Interim Program Director/Paramedic Faculty


Very motivational, great analogies, lots of eye openers.”

Renee Zima
ESOL Instructor


Great facts on how to teach/reach our students, how lifestyle trumps salary, getting students to feel invested, and what educators do is important.”

Jane Young


Fully enjoyed and learned, thank you.”

Christina Davis
Faculty/Program Chair