Professional Development


All teachers should have this information and training. In 90 minutes you changed my philosophy about the first days of school and reinforced some of my own ideas regarding students.”

Heidi Sellers
Ag Ed Teacher at Calhan School


I just want to go teach my classes now! Inspirational.”

Matthew Sturdivant
Colorado Early Colleges


I think teachers are often the worst students. You, however, had the room engaged and leaning forward out of their seats. We are all in need of your inspiration and insight. Thank you.”

Heather Hapke
Transition Teacher at Rocky Mountain Deaf School


Very enjoyable, informative, useful presentation.”

Rebecca Morlan
CTE Coordinator at LaJunta High School


Thank you for bringing light to my generation instead of bashing it! It was very refreshing hearing someone from another generation understand how/why we do things and what we value.”

Sahvanna Mease
Family Consumer Sciences Teacher at Vista Ridge High School


Before now, I seriously thought that college was my only option. Not anymore.”

Brooklyn Pustari
Student at Colorado Family, Career and Community Leaders of America


Great information, funny. Shared amazing passion.”

Sarah Romero
Teacher Cadet Instructor at Bollman Technical Education Center


As always, a wonderfully informative and motivating presentation.”

Eric Lustig
Teacher at Patriot High School


You are incredibly relatable for not only administrators, but also for students. Your information is relevant and easy to understand.”

McKenzie Schneider
Reporter at CO FFA Association


I wish I would have heard Mark speak when I was in high school.”

Mark Manners
Aurora Public Schools Central High School


All of your points are very relevant and is definitely very relatable. While the majority of your speech related to teachers, it was still very relatable to students.”

Taylor Hendrix
State FFA Executive Comm. Member at Colorado FFA


Just truly amazing how he was able to present to us.”

John Peroulis
Colorado FFA


You engaged both students and adults as well.”

Sarayu Gangavelli
VP District 5 at Colorado FBLA


Really great presentation.”

Currey Ventling
State VP at FBLA – PBL


Your passion for CTE reinforced the hard work of the educators/students in the room. You really changed our perspective on how to unlock career potential in young people.”

Melanie Zhou
FBLA State VP D11 at Colorado FBLA


I am glad that not all people have negative comments about my generation.”

Kendra Sears
CBLA Vice President Dist 8 at Colorado FBLA


The analogy of the branch is eye opening. Mark Perna is remarkable in his ability to entertain.”

John McCord


The idea of the Career Tree I found to be a great visual representation of how CTE supports various levels of pathways.”

Kahla Walstad
Teacher at Olde Columbine High School


Powerful! Passionate, fun, informative! Validation that we as instructors make a difference. Was emotionally moving — thank you!”

Rachel Wampler
Program Coordinator Massage Therapy Instructor at Technical College of the Rockies


Great presentation — re energized my work, helped me change my focus.”

Michelle Dame
Teacher at Denver Public Schools


Thanks Mark! Just as impactful as the 1st time I saw you!”

Shelley Goerdt
CTE Coordinator at Jeffco Public Schools


Appreciate the language we can use when we discuss our younger generations.”

Kristin Weaver
CTE/Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator at Englewood Schools


Amazing presentation!”

Christy Lucero
CTE Business Teacher at Sierra Grande High School


I enjoyed the idea for promoting light at the end of the tunnel. I agree that we need more pathways.”

Anthony Williams
Founder/Automotive Industry Education Liaison at Automotive Institute of Science and Technology


All of it was super insightful, especially for a new teacher. This is the most excited I’ve ever been about teaching. You are so inspirational.”

Lynzie Covert
Cosmetology Instructor at Technical College of the Rockies


I teach Why and Authentic Purpose in relationships. I have students delve into one action they have done and how it impacts others and they reflect on their purpose. My goal is to enhance confidence. These materials today will enhance this!”

Jessica Teal
Family Consumer Science at Windsor High School


Inspirational, loved the Tree idea. Thank you for your Trojan horse!”

Brenda Mullins-Hummel
FACS Teacher at Meeker High School



Amber Wharton
Family & Consumer Science Teacher at Berthood High School


Great presentation.”

Dana Anderson
Business & Marketing Program Director at CTE Colorado Community College System


Opened my mind to other strategies and approaches to presenting to students.”

Pat Burke
Science Teacher at Dakota Ridge High School


Outstanding, personable, real.”

Angela Andrews
STEM at Mesa Ridge High School


Appreciated the personal stories that made it real.”

Laurie Krizman
CTE Support Staff at Mesa County Valley School District 51


Looking forward to reading your book and sharing it with others in my building!”

Jo Harpring
School Counselor at Boulder Valley School District


Great energy.”

Cathy Huerta Mauricio
Pickens Tech College


I love how you seek to find perspective in youth and any generation and find ways around tradition.”

Josiah Bohrer
Treasurer at FBLA


The way he explained everything made sense and didn’t describe my generation as failures.”

Lexis Michael
SkillsUSA State Secretary at SkillsUSA Colorado


He made everything fun, but actually knew a lot and gave a lot of explanations throughout his presentation.”

Jennea Marshall
SkillsUSA Colorado State President at SkillsUSA Colorado


Great presentation!”

Taylor Beiriger
Business Teacher at Sangre de Cristo High School


This is very enlightening to connect the traits of the younger generation and how we need to connect them in the CTE classroom.”

Michelle Dennis
CO Family & Consumer Science Program Director at Colorado Community College System


Mark was engaging and insightful, he re-ignited the passion I have for teaching students about all the healthcare occupations out there.”

Juliana Thomas
Healthcare Occupations Instructor at MCVSD 51 Career Center


This was great! Thank you, I’m so excited for the book.”

Sarah Field
FACS Teacher at Gateway High School


Career Tree is awesome!”

Tara Lubbers
Yuma High School


Great energy, enthusiasm and point of view that makes me excited to get back into the classroom.”

Emilee Morgan
CTE Instructor/Athletic Trainer at Early College of Denver


Address the why, I will be using this for my son as well as my classroom from now on. Great message and easy to follow.”

Lynne Collins
Morgan Community College


Great relevance to education and life with younger generations. As a millennial, I found you do an incredible job explaining my generation.”

Alexa Acord
Spec. Ed. Teacher at Colorado Springs SD 11


This was an amazing presentation. I am more motivated than ever to interact with my new students and get a great positive start. Thank you!”

Jeannie Almanza
Facilitator at Pueblo Community College


Dynamic, inspiring.”

Katina Dahl
ACE Coordinator at Liberty High School


Was impressed with the Career Tree.”

Dan Unruh
Instructor at Ellicott School District 22


My brain is reeling from all of it! As a new nurse educator, this presentation spoke to everything I am worried about. I even felt emotional and moved at the end. Beautiful, purposeful work!”

Mary Vaughn
Nurse Educator at Technical College of the Rockies


Mark was able to create diagrams of what’s been in my head for 6 years. Brilliant.”

Bill Gilmore
Colorado Community College System


Wow, thank you!”

Tara Bell
COSA at Cherry Creek School District


Loved the Career Tree, starting at the roots and growing to the top. Even as a high school student, I know this presentation changed my life.”

James Ryan
Colorado TSA Officer at Large at Technology Student Association


25 years attending industry forums and keynote presentations and I’ve never seen, participated or been impacted by another one such as Mark’s. Thank you!”

Tom Darcy
Director at St. Vrain Valley School District


Mark is an impassioned and relevant speaker. He really understands the heart of CTE.”

Cheyanne Hope
State Officer at Colorado FFA Association


Thank you very much! Engaging, funny and relevant.”

Bradley Hughes
Business & Marketing Teacher at Adams City High School


As a Gen Z, this really hit home. The disconnect of students to careers is evident. In my HS, they believe in 2 paths — military or college. Many go despite not wanting it because it’s all they know. I can take this presentation back to my school and help people to see how to do what they want while still being able to support themselves.”

Ariel Bowden
Colorado FCCLA VP of Events / Student at CO FCCLA


Love Nick and his great photo. What a success story to relate to us. Thank you!”

Jolene Masek
Destinations Career Academy of Colorado


As a student, this presentation is truly thought provoking and inspirational.”

Madison Walker
CO DECA Secretary at DECA


I have been teaching for 20 years and was excited to hear about new ways to encourage my students. Very excited to implement some of these techniques and share these with our program administrators.”

Kathleen Kingdom
Middle School STEM Coordinator/Instructional Coach at Colorado Early Colleges Middle School


Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!”

Lloyd McIntire
Teacher at Falcon High School


Impactful presentation, creating awareness of real-world issues.”

Tom Taucher
Assistant Principal at Riverside Middle School


As a new CTE teacher I found his speech gave me the knowledge to give my students power and truly Educate with Purpose!”

Kimberly Weber
Culinary Arts Teacher at Florence High School


As a state officer we have a lot of influence. Knowing more about our generation helps us lead others and us individually. I truly believe that every individual has a passion and purpose. This presentation just affirmed my thinking, giving me more skills to unlock that in others.”

Micaela Fenton
CO State FFA Vice President at FFA


Redirected my thoughts towards the approach to education. Can’t wait to read, apply and clear the air on this.”

Randall Neal
Englewood High School


Mark spoke logic, engaging students through respect, rapport and understanding the why.”

Emily Sherwood
College & Career Readiness Specialist at Fountain Fort Carson District 8


I love how you connected the generations so baby boomers could understand the younger generations.”

Riane Yost
FBLA State VP D1 at Colorado FBLA