Professional Development TEST_PD DavisSD


This is the most informative and energizing presentation I have ever been privileged to attend. There is so much quality information, it is truly a blessing!”

Kristen Davidson
CTE Coordinator at Northridge High School


Wonderful information! I’m excited to try these tools in my classroom. Thank you.”

Lisa Trujillo
Davis Applied Technology College


Outstanding — got me committed.”

Cathy Turnbow
Davis Applied Technology College


I can’t wait to use the Career Tree to help bring relevance to my students.”

Leanne Nauta
Layton High School


I felt engaged with Mark through the entire presentation. I will change my first day of greeting and meeting my students. Let them know I will support them in their journey of working with children in the CDA program.”

Pam Macfarlane
Child Care Coordinator at Clearfield High School


Career Tree was powerful, I love visual ideas.”

Cheryl Richards
FACS Teacher at Mountain High School


Great ideas on sharing how lifestyle and career influence millennials and ways to do this.”

Dan Evans
Syracuse High School


Will change the way I start my first 2 days of class and beyond.”

Matt Williams
Tech & Engineering Teacher at Davis High School


Loved the enthusiasm, humor and passion. I’m excited to implement these concepts into my classroom and teaching.”

Brittany Francis
Layton High School


I am from the millennial generation and went through the bad and good of the Career Tree. I entered into education to help students avoid my mistakes. The Career Tree has laid out my vision perfectly.”

Andrew Bird
Woods Cross High


The breakdown of different generations is helpful in understanding different points of view.”

Curt Cooper
Davis Applied Technology College


Great info for retention and relevance. Love the Career Tree and knowledge of Millennials.”

Corinne Eliason
CTE Health Science Teacher at Clearfield High School


The Career Tree concept visually expresses what I’ve been doing in my classroom!”

Jennifer Lee
Davis School District


Career Tree! Not every student needs a 4-year degree. Bright and refreshing info for administrators, not just for CTE teachers!”

Matthew Kennaley
Teacher at Davis School District


I want to use the Career Tree. I am going to do some different things the first days.”

Raquelle Domenici
South Davis Jr. High


High energy, relevant content, results focused with the student’s individual success at the heart. Thanks!”

Brent Johnson
Mountain High School


Great job!”

Penny Moline
Culinary Arts Instructor at Davis Applied Tech College


Respect them first — that’s a mind shift! This presentation has cemented my vision.”

Susanne Matina
Business Ed Teacher at Syracuse Jr. High


Enlightened by generation Y. Respect is a thing that they want and will implement first day of class.”

Robert Ferneau
Educator at Layton High School


Experience is everything! We need to make sure we are clear and the kids know why. Make student feel respected and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Great presentation, thank you for your time.”

Jasey Fatagonia
Northridge High School


I love the example of the first 2 days of class. I do something very similar and it works.”

Troy Anderson
Syracuse High School


I loved how he related his info all to what will make or help us in the classroom.”

Tony Wilson
Syracuse High School


My eyes have been opened! I look forward to implementing the ideas into my classroom experience.”

Tim Feltner
Engineering Instructor at Layton High School


Career Tree is a great visual to the students.”

Janine Porter
RN at Syracuse High School


Mark was very engaging and entertaining. I really enjoyed his personal stories about his sons and students that have been successful. These stories made it more real.”

Cindy Carpenter
Syracuse High School


Good perspective, more people need to hear this.”

Bruce Decker
Welding Teacher at Clearfield High School


Long presentation, but it had time to actually change my behavior as a teacher.”

Allyn Rogers
Viewmont High School


What a wonderful perspective!”

Jennifer Ford
Nursing Faculty at Davis Applied Technology College


The information on Generation Y was so enlightening. It will change the way I interact with my students.”

Brenda Cross
Teacher at Clearfield High School


I really liked the Career Tree, visuals are so much more powerful than other alternatives.”

Libby Porter
Syracuse High School