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It's Time to Shift the Paradigm

Join the Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion movement.

The World Has Changed

The landscape of education, workforce, and economic development is shifting—and with it, what it takes to succeed. To adapt in a changing world, individuals must be empowered to thrive in three critical areas:

  • Academic knowledge
  • Technical competencies
  • Professional skills

Together, these abilities create the single most important competitive advantage for long-term adaptability and success.

Delivering this vital competitive advantage is the mission of Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion. Coast to coast, this national movement is energizing educational, business, and community organizations with a fresh vision for education, workforce, and economic development.

The world has changed. We owe it to the next generation to expand their options beyond college readiness only. When all careers and levels of education are on the table as viable and rewarding pathways, young people can become career ready, period.

Purpose-driven education recognizes the many diverse and unconventional pathways to success. And this is the paradigm we’re shifting across North America.

Unleashing the Next Generation

Today’s younger generations have tremendous potential to perform at a higher level at home, at school, and in the workforce. As parents, educators, employers, and community leaders, we have a pivotal opportunity to unleash everything they’re capable of.

The goal of Education with Purpose is to empower students by exposing them to many different career opportunities earlier. When they discover their career direction sooner in their journey, they can invest wisely and purposefully in their further education—whether that means a 2-year or 4-year degree, industry certification, apprenticeship, licensure, or any other specialized training.

Purpose-focused education shifts young people from a “static purpose” mode where they may be stuck, toward “active purpose” where they’re taking decisive steps toward their goals. Once they discover a compelling reason for what they’re learning, education becomes their solution.

This personal insight unleashes them to move toward an outcome relevant to their own unique interests, talents, and abilities—fueling their drive to succeed.

Bridging the Skills Gap

America’s skills gap is widening. It is increasingly critical to adapt, adopt, and scale K14 and university career pathways to meet workforce demand and expand the viability of our economic development initiatives nationwide.

Employment with Passion is part of the movement to shift the paradigm in education and workforce development. Leaders in education, industry, and our communities must work together to extol the tremendous value of all postsecondary pathways that lead to viable, living-wage careers. This is especially crucial in industry sectors affected by the growing skills gap.

Today, many young people are unaware of the many rewarding careers, opportunities, and educational and career on-ramps available to achieve the future they want to experience. This is the awareness gap—and it’s where the skills gap starts.

The good news is, we can bridge it.

Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion Events

Together with communities across North America, we’re advancing the vision of Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion: a motivated, purpose-driven educational and career journey for every student, everywhere.

We invite you to leverage the power of this national movement to inspire action within your organization and community. Join us for a groundbreaking, value-packed event to help you shift the paradigm in education and workforce development in your region.


To thrive in a rapidly changing world, young people need a dynamic competitive advantage in their education and career journey. Unify and empower your organization and stakeholders to deliver this advantage at the Call to Action. We’ll equip you and your community with the strategies and inspiration to make a bigger difference. It’s time to shift the paradigm in education, workforce, and economic development—and make students career ready, period.

Join the Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion national movement and shift the paradigm to make students career ready, period.

Partners in Purpose

Our Partners in Purpose are an integral part of the Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion movement. These organizations share not only in event sponsorship, but also the larger journey of paradigm shift in education, workforce, and economic development. Together, we are empowering communities to deliver a dynamic competitive advantage to every young person—in the classroom and on the job.

To learn more about becoming a Partner in Purpose, please contact our team.


Meet Our Partners in Purpose

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