Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning

TEST_ERSP Four County


Four County Career Center has been working with TFS for several years. Before we partnered with TFS, our enrollment rates were flat and static every year. After examining our enrollment challenges, we decided to sign on with TFS to see if they could help us get out of the yearly cycle. Turns out, they could and did.

Over time, TFS has led our career center to develop a high-quality recruitment, enrollment and retention process that is focused on finding the right student for the right program for the right reason. Our entire team has benefited immensely from TFS’ ideas and methods that have reoriented our strategy and given us a vision for creatively reaching those right students.

Without TFS, our school would still be doing the same thing and getting the same mediocre outcomes year after year. Our experience with TFS and the results they deliver has been fantastic for our students, staff and school.”

Rick Bachman
Director of Career and Technical Education at Four County Career Center