Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning

TEST_ERSP Gordon Cooper


Over the past four years, TFS has helped Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, OK develop a unified and well-organized approach to high school student recruitment and retention.

Our own data clearly showed us how challenging it is to effectively market our career training pathways to Millennials. TFS gave us a better, research-based understanding of this demographic that then shaped our marketing strategies. Working directly with our teachers, TFS helped our staff learn about and better relate with this age group. TFS also led focused discussions with a dozen staff members representing diverse departments to take a hard look at our practices and procedures related to recruitment and retention. Over time, these meetings led to the development of thoughtful reforms that replaced the bad habit of doing things “the way we’ve always done it.”

Our marketing to Millennials now goes out on a very deliberate schedule that celebrates the importance and uniqueness of each individual while pointing to clear “light at the end of the tunnel” goals. Our teachers say the quality of students enrolling in their courses has improved, and those anecdotal impressions are backed by improved enrollment and achievement data. Without the great support of Mark Perna and the entire TFS staff, we would not have enjoyed these successes over the past four years with student recruitment, enrollment and retention.”

Marty Lewis
Superintendent at Gordon Cooper Technology Center