Professional Development


You are definitely on target with how to educate and approach today’s students. Super dynamic keynote. As a boot camp you put us through all the paces. Terrific, bravo!”

Carolyn Annucci
Program Specialist at Nassau BOCES

Excellent presentation — informative, humorous, interesting. Mark is a dynamo who engages his audience for 3 hours…remarkable.”

Eugene Goldwasser
Retired School Principal at NYS Retired School Administrators and Supervisors

You are the most engaging and positive presenter I have ever heard in my 42 years in CTE!”

Rosemarie Posillico
Center Specialist at Career & Technical Education Assistance Center of NY

Highly recommend Mark and his presentation. It is funny, engaging, interesting and relevant.”

Christopher Goodwin
Teacher at Northport High School

Entertaining, high energy, relevant and grounded in real data and research.”

Matthew Boccanfugo
Assistant Principal at Lindenhurst Schools

This workshop was thought provoking, insightful and informative.”

Cassandra Jackson
Transitional/Consultant Teacher/Administrator at Roosevelt UFSD

Authentic, relevant and knowledgeable.”

Bridget Harvey
CTE Teacher/WBL Coordinator at DOE – High School for Health Careers & Sciences

A clear process of how to move forward. Presenter was exceptional, all points relevant.”

Mary Taylor
Business Educator at William Floyd High School

One of the best speakers I’ve heard. Amazing energy.”

Denise DeLury
School to Career Coordinator at Massapequa High School

Inspiring and relatable.”

Hunter Bracalo
Student at Hoftra University Grad School

Wonderful, pertinent and I need to share.”

Kellie McLaurin
Principal at Nassau BOCES

The 3 pillars were terrific. Great to explain to stakeholders who are resistant. So engaging and unbelievably real. Mark’s personal connection with and candor made his presentation relevant, riveting and memorable.”

Regina Bast
Work Experience Coordinator at Nassau BOCES

Great use of statistics without getting too detailed.”

Jen DiPietro
Teacher at Roslyn High School

The Career Tree was a fantastic way for students to see career paths and how to get there.”

Jacqueline Giacalone
Business Teacher at William Floyd High School

We have 12 CTE programs at our high school and have been working to change the stigma attached to these programs. We will be using many of your ideas to help make that change.”

Christine Rosado
Director of Secondary Ed and STEM at William Floyd High School

Great speaker with a relevant message about the change in current and future career opportunities.”

Bryan Coon
Tech/Business Chair at Sayville Public Schools

Great speaker, energetic, passionate, funny.”

Jane Quatrale
Special Education Teacher at S Country School District

Excellent session!”

Erica Dzwlewicz
Business Teacher at Oceanside School District

New perspective, practical tools to make essential connections to be present and answer why. Thank you!”

Laurie Mitchell
Director of Guidance at Lynbrook Public Schools

As a business teacher, learning that Gen Z is expected to be the most entrepreneurial generation to date is a powerful fact and tool.”

Michele Leonardo
Business Teacher at Baldwin High School

This presentation should be broadcasted on prime time TV!”

Vincenza D’Alessio
FACS Teacher at Valley Stream North High School

He was very motivational throughout the presentation.”

Jonathan McKinnon
Business Teacher at RM Finley Middle School

The energy level and content info was excellent and interesting.”

Lorraine Knoblauch
Teacher at Islip High School

This was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. Very motivational, informative and useful. Enjoyed the humor throughout the presentation.”

Jennifer Lehmann
Chairperson of Business Education at H. Frank Carey High School

Everything Mark discussed was useful. Excellent speaker.”

Christine Licastri
Coordinator of Business Tech at Sewanhaka High School

High energy message that resonates with all. Everyone can benefit from his message.”

Joe Perrone
Retired Fed Ex Executive

Presentation was full of relevant and vital statistics. Great job marrying content with impactful delivery to create an awareness on how to best serve our students.”

Diane Malley
Business Ed Teacher at Syosset High School

It confirms what I teach, I also coordinate the business advisory program for my school and special education teacher. Preach it sir! It is so important what you spoke about today.”

Bridget Lopiccolo
Coordinator & Advisory Board Teacher at East Islip School District

Very inspiring and energetic presentation that can motivate those in the education field that recognize the need to change and work with today’s younger generations.”

Cassie Reilly
Transition Coordinator at Northport-East Northport UFSD

Thank you! Changing the narrative comments are exactly it. Talking about stigma reinforces stigma, talking about possibilities and futures eliminates the stigma conversation.”

Dawn Mastroianni
Sr. Consultant at Career & Technical Education Assistance Center of NY

We need a Mark Perna clone for every PTA to open us at every level, parents through the school hierarchies.”

Pat Galaskas
2nd Vice President at NYS Retired School Administrators and Supervisors

Keep doing what you are doing. You will shift the paradigm.”

Christine Milan
School Counselor at W.T. Clarke High School

Love the tunnel analogy, creaky branch. I’ve been trying to shift the paradigm little by little in my current job. Loved your enthusiasm, was feeling defeated but back to motivated now. Thank you!”

Rosanne Bogard
Social Worker/Transition Coordinator at Lynbrook Public Schools

Great information to bring back to my school and share with my colleagues.”

Molly Henck
Business Teacher at Hewlett High School

At first I thought 3 hours was a lot, but it moved very fast, was highly engaging and inspired me to purchase the book.”

Michael Bordwell
Assistant Principal at DOE – High School for Health Careers & Sciences

Excellent presentation, very engaging.”

Sally Ann Gaffney
Guidance Counselor at Nassau BOCES – Baldwin High School

The connect, engage and answer why call to action was very insightful.”

George Golden
Teacher at Farmingdale Public School District

Up to the minute information, so relevant. Mark is one of the most entertaining and engaging speakers that we have today. He gets it!”

Judith Hynes
Assistant Director at Nassau BOCES

Loved the Career Tree, the data and discussion of professional skills. Inspiring speaker.”

Joan Chieffo
CTE/FACS District Coordinator at Sewanhaka Central High School District

Loved the energy, audience engagement and a feeling of validation of what I believe in as a passionate CTE professional.”

Diana Schneider
School Counselor at Nassau BOCES

This will help me refocus my discussions with our high school students. Turn discussions to what they want to do in the near future and help them answer why.”

John Litkowski
CDOS Coordinator/WBL Coordinator at DOE Forest Hills High School


Effie Rafaelides
Supervisor for Guidance Services K-12 at Hicksville Public Schools

The concept of light at the end of the tunnel will help better direct my agency’s marketing efforts.”

Rob Van Brun
Program Administrator at Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Great speaker, very engaging.”

Danielle Garrison
Business Ed Teacher at Syosset High School

Love the personal stories, the talk of respect and connecting students to the lifestyle they want. I do this, happy for the affirmation!”

Carol Siegel
Teacher at SUNY Farmingdale

Everything he said was right on!”

Mary Pat Grafstein
WBL Coordinator at Smithtown Central School District