Professional Development TEST_PD KT


Mark, you are very motivating. We at Keefe have a great group of caring staff and think this program would be beneficial.”

Joanne Griffin
Health Careers at Keefe Tech


Career Tree, I can’t wait to have it on the wall!”

Vicki Serra
Graphic Communications Instructor at Keefe Tech


Mark was incredibly informative and extremely engaging. He reconfirmed my own thoughts and beliefs about how great a CTE school is/can be.”

Jeremy Lewis
Paraprofessional Instructor at Keefe Tech


Love the Trees!”

Steve Schultheis
Math Teacher at Keefe Tech


I appreciated the breakdown of the recruitment “open house” or career night presentations. The psychology of the experience is important!”

Doug Paul
AG Teacher at Keefe Tech


Nice job!”

Jamie Prevosk
Plumbing Lead Teacher at Keefe Tech


Career Tree is a great idea! Positive reinforcement to students, parents and teachers.”

Marie Stefanini
Culinary Instructor at Keefe Tech


Nice to see we are bringing really positive, passionate speakers to Keefe.”

Rick Allain
Graphics Teacher at Keefe Tech


Career Tree and making larger connections, I think the whole plan sounds fantastic!”

Jennie Pagano
Teacher at Keefe Tech


Held my attention for the 3 hours, I agree with all the strategies presented.”

Mary Stack
Cosmetology Instructor at Keefe Tech


Great, positive, passionate speaker.”

Glen Simarrian
Special Ed Teacher at Keefe Tech


Career Tree — great idea and gets student, parent and teacher engaged in each student’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

J.R. Gable
Job Entry Training at Keefe Tech