Professional Development TEST_PD Lake County


I walked into the classroom thinking that I should be back at the office getting my work finished. When this presentation was ending, I became extremely disappointed that I couldn’t have the entire day to sit and learn from Mark. Hands down 100% the best time and information I have received in my career. Thank you!”

Kimberly Stephens
Chief Communications Officer at Lake Emergency Services


I absolutely loved the presentation. Mr. Perna was the best speaker/presenter I have ever seen. Please bring him back again.”

Franchetta Honer
FL Hospital Waterman at FL Hospital Water Client Services & Office Supervision


Great information.”

Coy Hunter
Police Commander at Mount Dora Police Department


Great course. I would highly recommend it. Mark was an outstanding speaker. He kept the course interesting, great stories and funny.”

Rene Castro
Police Lieutenant at Clermont Police Department


Very informative presentation. I’ve gained knowledge that will assist me in managing and leading a police force.”

Charles Broadway
Police Chief at Clermont Police Department


Awesome presentation.”

Rick Thomas
Police Chief at Howey in the Hills Police Department


This is the 5th generational course I have taken and the 1st time I have heard to show them the light.”

Stewart Brown
District Chief of Provisionals at Lake Emergency Services


Energetic and positive! I’m 55, but after your presentation, I know now that I think like a millennial.”

Myra Merritt
Assistant Director of Communications at Lake County Sheriff’s Office


Brilliant presentation with great information. A true eye opener, and hour and a half of a-ha moments.”

Maggie Teachout
Director Career-Tech, School Choice & Comm. Ed. at Lake County Schools


Thank you for explaining my motivation and thought process. I have tried and been unable to articulate it myself. Nice to hear.”

Brett Livingston
Sergeant, Criminal Investigations at Mount Dora Police Department


Mark Perna is an expert at social observation and explanation. His insights help you understand the framework of generations of people, what motivates them and what social factors led to the social phenomena.”

John Sotomayor
Staff Writer at Akers Media Group


Very powerful presentation, thank you.”

Jarrod Erdman
Store Manager at Walgreens


Great job, thank you!”

Danae Stewart
Lake County Sheriff’s Office


I enjoyed this presentation and look forward to putting the knowledge to use.”

Jenn Linhares
Trainer/Recruiter at Springline Corp. DBA Great Clips


Great for any educator to know.”

Sheryl Drew
Lake Emergency Services