Professional Development TEST_PD LivoniaCTC


How to connect to the Y and Z Generations — so true! Visual Tree is amazing tool, everything presented hit the nail on the head. Thank for you igniting the spark in me to change. To plant the seed for a new tree to grow the minds and interests of my students. Please email me your presentation and sign me up for that book when it prints!”

James Rumon
M.S. Tech Teacher


Students do not hear the branch creak. This presentation has helped me understand my youngest daughter, my grandson and my students.”

Diane Zwiernikowski
Family Life Teacher


Best PD ever, just wish we had time to work on implementing info presented today.”

Allison McClellan


I am Gen Y but it can still be difficult to understand what younger Gen Y and Z need and want. I enjoyed the breakdown. I also enjoyed the Career Tree and how to make this valuable to my students.”

Elizabeth Booth


Great stories and important for educators!”

Barbara Jones


Inspiring, thank you.”

Rochelle Noel


I thought it was excellent — both professionally and personally. I really enjoyed his presentation. It was filled with many good reminders as well as new information.”

Jennifer Cotter
SAP, Social Worker


Love the Tree idea. Hopefully I will figure out a way to use it in the counseling office. The different examples of getting students to see the light will be useful. I feel motivated. Great speaker.”

Danielle LaMar


Excellent job!”

Patricia Wright


Mark was engaging, passionate and informative. After hearing about his experiences and ideas, I felt motivated to incorporate his tips in my interactions with my students. He was an outstanding speaker!”

Stephanie Estereicher


You made me believe the things I do with my students are relevant and can make a difference.”

Linda Eagle-Trudell


The tree is brilliant! Your presentation was awesome! Thank you!”

Angela Jenkins
Math Teacher


Love the Tree idea. Great presentation, very inspirational and spot on!”

Missina Ormsby
Graphic Design Instructor


Very engaging.”

Robert Hough
Middle School Industrial Ed Instructor


Loved the Wade/April story! Thank you for all your ideas and strategies! Wonderful presentation.”

Lori Wozniak


Stories are the way we stay connected — the ones you tell help connect what we do to the reality of what needs to be done.”

Angela Jackson-Irvine


Ideas for engaging, relating to and building relationships with students. Universally relatable and very useful for teaching, but also for leadership and professional collaboration. Very engaging, entertaining and informative. Good strategies for relating to students presented with humor, passion and conviction. Thanks!”

Daniel Yowell
English Language Arts Consultant


Career Tree is like having an easy button for facilitating engagement, retention and performance!”

Claudia Rushlow
Fashion Merchandising Teacher


Love the Career Tree. Being a Millennial myself and an expert in my field, I try to get my students to feel as passionate about a career as I do. Even if they feel this is not the path for them, I steer them in the direction they will love to work in.”

Kara DeJack
Sports Medicine Instructor