CLEVELAND, OHIO, February 1, 2018: TFS® founder, author, and CEO Mark C. Perna announced that his new book, Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, is now available for preorder at

Answering Why
presents an empowering approach for educators, employers, and parents to take when seeking to make a more meaningful and productive connection with the young people they influence. Perna’s new book helps unlock the incredible potential of young people everywhere and spurs them to increased performance at school, in the workplace, and beyond. It helps them make a bigger difference in the world — which is exactly what they need and want.

Perna is not only informed from his research and several decades of experience as a strategic consultant in education and business. He’s also the father of two Millennials. “My book is a distillation of the most impactful and useful strategies,” he says.

“The country is facing a crisis right now,” says Perna. “As the skills gap continues to expand, employers are desperate to recruit and retain talented and skilled workers who will help their businesses compete and grow. Further, there’s an Awareness Gap. Parents need to explore with middle schoolers and high schoolers a multitude of careers and various education paths that don’t necessarily follow today’s expectation of getting a college degree and then a job. Lastly, educators must help the youngest generation prepare for the workforce of tomorrow and to find a way to teach to their needs.”

Perna’s book addresses:

  • Insights on the youngest generations that reveal how we should work with them to achieve higher performance in their careers and greater fulfillment from life.
  • How generational differences affect the workplace and alter the business landscape.
  • How parenting today differs from the past — and how it can be done successfully despite the challenge of dealing with unprecedented opportunities, financial complacency, and a rapidly changing, digitized world.
  • How tools like the Career Tree® can help meet the changing educational and workforce development paradigm in America.
  • How we can close the skills gap.
  • What it will take to improve employee performance and retention.

Aside from parents, administrators, teachers and guidance counselors, those in the business world will embrace Answering Why. It clearly explains our generational differences, reveals how to relate to these groups, and outlines the easiest ways to understand, motivate, and empower our nation’s students and newest employees.

“We need to coach our young people to do three things as they prepare for and enter the world of work.” says Perna. “Focus, plan, and take action.”

Answering Why releases in stores everywhere on September 18, 2018.

Publication Data: Greenleaf Book Publishing, September 18, 2018; Cloth: $24.95; 224 pages; ISBN: 978-1-62634-511-9; Ebook (978-1-62634-512-6); Audiobook (978-1-62634-518-8)