CLEVELAND, OHIO, September 12, 2016 — TFS announced the launch of, a new website introducing founder Mark C. Perna’s upcoming book Hearing the Branch Creak: How to Motivate and Empower Today’s Younger Generations—And You! The website features information about the book, author bio, Mr. Perna’s speaking schedule, and audience reviews, along with an email signup to stay posted on the release date and other book-related news.

Hearing the Branch Creak, which is currently in prepublication, was born of the author’s work with educational organizations and businesses nationwide, as well as his experience as the father of two Millennials. It covers the topics of understanding and overcoming generational differences, changing the education and workforce development paradigm, combating our national skills gap, successfully parenting, and achieving personal motivation. The title comes from the author’s childhood experience when, climbing high in a tree, he suddenly heard the branch beneath him start to creak and give way. That experience taught him the essential ingredients of change that can be applied in any situation: to focus, plan, and take action.

Speaking of the book’s purpose, Mark C. Perna says, “Branch Creak is for all those people who want to better interact with the younger generations, but also develop that appreciation themselves that life is full of surprises, challenges, and mistakes, and it is how we handle those moments that defines us. Those experiences set us free to be the best we can be and to look for that positive outcome that lies just beyond the horizon. Today I look at every challenge as an exciting opportunity, believing that something better is coming if we keep moving forward and remain open to that possibility. The majority of our younger generations do not embrace that realization yet—but when they do, life becomes empowering and fulfilling.”

The book’s target audience includes parents, administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, and support staff in middle schools, high schools, career and technical centers, postsecondary training facilities, technical and community colleges, and universities, along with employers in all industries, especially those in the high-demand health, technology, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, and all service sectors, and many others who interact daily with today’s young people. In addition, the book will be of interest to readers of all ages seeking guidance and perspective on personal life change and growth.

Hearing the Branch Creak is expected to be released in 2017, with plans for subsequent titles to follow.


About Mark C. Perna and TFS
TFS, whose mission is to share and support its clients’ desire to make a difference, is a full-service strategic marketing and consulting firm founded by national generational and performance expert Mark C. Perna. Mark, a noted voice on Generations Y and Z, has many years of experience addressing industry leaders and has devoted his career to workforce training and education. At TFS, Mark heads an energetic team of talented professionals who share his vision of making a bigger difference, working with educators and employers of all sizes nationwide to deliver significant gains in recruitment, retention, and performance rates.