Professional Development TEST_PD MAVA


I just wanted to say THANK YOU. In reality, keynotes are like a box of chocolates… you never know what you will get until you open the box. Let us just say that not only was I pleased, but the chatter throughout the day clearly indicated that we as planners and you as the keynote speaker hit a home run. It was exceptionally well planned and engaging. The delivery was flawless. The real test is how many stay for the follow-up, and you retained 25% of the audience who wanted more despite having many other session choices. The surveys speak for themselves — they were perfect. Thank you for making a difference for our educators in our Massachusetts vocational technical community.”

Peter D. Dewar
Director of Professional Development at Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators


Great strategies for connecting with students/peers, great info on generations. This speaker is awesome — lots of energy, full of great statistics, upbeat, positive. Should have pyrotechnics on stage. One of the best presentations in my 9 years coming to MAVA. Keep up the momentum.”

Susan O’Hare
Early Childhood Instructor at Greater Lowell Technical High School


The Light at the End of the Tunnel is excellent info! Thanks!”

Deborah Brightman
Early Childhood Education at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Tech HS


Riveting! Best keynote speaker in 10 years!”

Vicki Poulin
RN BSN Med Instructor at NVTHS


25 years of teaching and I am always looking for ways to connect with students. A very inspiring presentation. Can’t wait for the first day of school.”

Kristine Silva
Baking Instructor at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech


Great ideas for recruitment/retention and how to quickly connect with students to attract to my program.”

Brian Cummings
Machine Technology Instructor at Worcester Technical High School


Factual and realistic, this keynote changed my way of thinking and how to communicate with millennials. As educators, we have to keep up with our students’ interests and fast-paced learning style. This presentation was informative and data driven.”

Katie Berry
English & Sp. Ed. Teacher at South Shore Vo-Tech High School


Excellent point about respect, very true! “

Holly St. Jean
English Teacher at Tantasqua Regional High School


I love the idea of using the tunnel and career tree in my classroom. It gives the kids a tangible example that they can connect to every day.”

Emily Smith
TV/Media & Theater Arts Instructor at Nashoba Valley Tech High School


Outstanding presentation, which gave me wonderful perspective about the students we teach every day.”

Wendy Siegal-Botti
Design & Visual Communications Instructor at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School


I gained a better understanding of Generation Y individuals, what they need, how they think and what I can do to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. A++ presentation!”

Audra Marini
Math Teacher at Montachusett Reg Voc Tech High School


I liked the insightful way Mark expressed how this generation respects teachers. I truly feel that Mark captured the way these generations think. I find it frustrating when “older” teachers engage in this tug of war with this generation, which they will never win.”

Jennifer Gilman
Cosmetology Teacher at Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School


Excellent dynamic speaking style and very impressive insight!”

James Bagtaz
Business Tech/Marketing Teacher at Shawsheen Valley Tech High School


Mark is spot on with teaching the next generation of vocational kids.”

Neil Mansfield
Metal FAB/Welding Lead Teacher at Assabet Valley Voc High School


This was the move invigorating presentation I’ve ever been to!”

Kristin Bateman
Teacher at South Shore Voc Tech High School


Very engaging, positive, informative, entertaining presentation!”

Jo Anne O’Neil
CU Instructor at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech High School


More statewide officials need to hear this message about the need for skilled workers.”

Daniel Starr
Graphic Communications Instructor at Montachusett Reg Voc Tech School


Marketing is key to increasing student retention and performance. Energetic, knowledge expert, passionate — it all adds up to an effective presentation! Career tree is awesome!”

Mike Nobrega
Carpentry Instructor at Franklin County Tech School


Excellent content, appropriate humor.”

David Theriault
Instructor at Nashoba Valley Tech High School


Great info that is usable!”

Joselyn Croft
Administrator at Franklin City Tech


Great info about millennials that I can incorporate into my teaching, how best to reach these students. I especially appreciate the info about making education relevant to my students and the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Amy Glidden
Instructor at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute


Insights into millennial generation help me understand and better serve our teachers and staff. This is the third time I’ve heard a version of this presentation and each time I have taken different nuggets of information from it. Professionally I use this information to attract and retain more of the right employees, personally it helps my communication.”

Holly McClanan
Director of HR at Southeastern Regional School District


Engaging and relevant!”

Kathy Regan
Health Technologies Instructor at Assabet Valley Reg Tech High School


Dynamic speaker who kept my interest with relevant info!”

Deb Slavinskas
Instructor at Bay Path Regional Voc Tech HS


Mark is genuine — he knows his stuff.”

Joseph Corriveau
Plumbing Teacher at Blackstone Valley Reg Voc Tech HS


Great explanations, a how-to for working and connecting with millennials.”

Michelle Tilden
Instructor at Tri-County Regional Voc Tech HS


As a new teacher, this really helped me form a cohesive picture of how to combine what I’m teaching with students and with my goals of my trade.”

Kristina Juzyn
Early Education and Care Instructor at Lower Pioneer Valley Career and Tech Ed Center


He put the bounce in my step to start the conference!”

Cathy Bryant
Dean at Northeast Metro Tech


Mark hits the nail right on the head. Not only is he a great presenter, but he also happens to be 100% on point with what is needed for education. I now have another hero besides Mike Rowe.”

Richard Sauro
Auto Collision Repair/Refinish Instructor at Blue Hills Regional


I wish I had heard this mid year, it might have changed my whole outcome.”

Kelly Rose
Instructor at Greater Lawrence Tech


The career tree is a great idea to get kids involved in thinking on what they want or expect out of themselves. I also liked the Wade factor; never would have thought I was in marketing. Opened my eyes to selling to the kids what the best they can get out of what we are doing.”

Keith Mero
Instructor at Tantasqua Regional Technical


Love the idea of bringing a professional into the classroom the first day or week. I’m adding that to my orientation.”

Barbara Perron
Cosmetology Instructor at Tri-County Regional Voc HS


This was great for understanding Gen Y, my own children!”

Evelyn Bouley
Support Staff at Greater New Bedford Reg Voc Tech HS


Thank you for helping us to create career path for students that don’t require college. We will benefit from a marketing focus.”

Margaret Dutch
Principal at South Shore Vocational Tech HS


Best presentation I’ve been to in many years, great job!”

Ronald Hennessey
Electrical Teacher at Lynn Public Schools