Strategic Planning for the Preferred Future



Most strategic plans stop at the planning phase. But with TFS, after all of the talking, brainstorming, and preparing, our implementation teams were ready to take off and really do something. It’s amazing to see how much the teams have accomplished with so many different groups of people working on so many different projects. Staff members from all areas and levels of our organization are excited and inspired because they have had a voice. Through the implementation teams, their voices have turned into actions. Tangible results are excellent, but it’s the intangible results that have the real impact. Staff morale and interaction is at an all-time high and now it feels like we are all moving in the same direction.”

Jeannette Capshaw
Deputy Superintendent at Moore Norman Technology Center


I’ve worked in education for many years and I’ve worked with a lot of Strategic Plans, and they usually end up on a shelf. The strategic plans that have been developed as we’ve moved through the Tools for Schools program are active, living plans that keep us focused, and on target, and they keep us going back to what our true mission, vision, and goals are for the organization.

The best part of this particular strategic planning has been the entire process, and as individuals, we learn so much going through it. The committees that are developed have real ownership in the organization as they move through the steps. They know they are being listened to and that they are truly making a difference in our organization. Yes, the process can seem painful at times, but it’s so good to stretch and grow and to work together for common goals. Even better are the real working relationships that develop throughout the whole organization as a result of the time spent working together on strategic planning.

The process of working with Tools for Schools has exceeded my expectations. Strategic planning that is truly effective will change the way you work as an individual and as an organization. The process has made MNTC employees truly work together across departments and campuses to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves in order to achieve excellence, which is a core value of ours.

Throughout our strategic planning process, we’re utilizing tools that research-based and that have proven techniques that can be applied within any organization and within any industry. Tools for Schools has guided us to bring our staff, business and industry leaders, and our district’s community into this process to become active participants in how we function as an organization. It’s been an amazing journey for Moore Norman.”

Jane Bowen
CEO & Superintendent at Moore Norman Technology Center