Professional Development


Mark has managed to bring about a new way to focus on engaging students by placing the focus on their goals and in turn shifting instruction to advance success.”

Natalie Lavender
Health Sciences CTE at Pickens Co. Board of Education


Great knowledge and things I can use today.”

Glen Bailey
Asst. CTE Director at Alpine School District


Dynamic, impactful presentation.”

Matt MacKay
Community Specialist at Washoe County SD Signature Academics & CTE


Mark has nailed it. He identifies the problems and challenges CTE faces and how to strategically combat them.”

Clay Long
Assistant Director at Nampa School District


Great ideas to motivate new teachers and equip them with relevant tools to begin each semester.”

Ashley Orr
Health Science Education Consultant at NC Department Public Instruction


Career Tree! Want it! I would love hanging this in my classroom!”

Karen Deitrick
Teaching Professions Instructor


His energy and presentation style helps fuel my desire to promote and build our programs.”

Bonnie Powers
Supervisor of Instruction at Cumberland Regional High School District


Great information to assist in the economic independence of students and economic success of our communities.”

Jacqui Clay
CTE Director/Assistant Principal at Buena High School


This has made me rethink what I’ve been doing.”

Duane Roberson
Director CTE at Colorado Springs School District 11


The Career Tree model takes a complex process (career pathway navigation) and depicts it using an easy to understand visual metaphor.”

Jeff Beard
Educational Consultant at NH Dept of Education, Career Dev Bureau


Loved the Career Tree! Loved having students see all the possibilities.”

Dawn Warner
CTE Resource Teacher at Pinellas County Schools


I love the Career Tree concept. Great visual for both students and instructors. Mark gets it!”

Clinton Burch
Assistant Director at WV Department of Education


The Career Tree is a great concept!”

Tim Burdette
Osceola County Schools


Inspiring message, practical tips that are easy to use now.”

Taryn Washington
Suitland High School


This is the 3rd time I have experienced Mark’s presentation and I have learned something new at every session. Always relevant, always informative!”

Amy Lorenzo
Planning & Policy Coordinator at Idaho Career & Technical Education


Amazing session! Awesome passion for subject. This is the image that is needed in CTE.”

Beyonka Wider
CATE Program Consultant at Richland One-Career & Technology Education


This is a fresh new approach to drive CTE enrollment and retention.”

Darryl Middleton
Engineering Consultant at Richland One-Career & Technology Education


Great and relevant examples and strategies.”

Jason Weiss
CTAE Supervisor at Bibb County School District


Mark has energy and motivation. Great for professional development.”

Abby Lawson
Education Associate at South Carolina Department of Education


It’s all about experience! Great outline, great program!”

Dave Gardner
CTE Director at Washington School District