Professional Development TEST_PD BOCES


I’ve seen Mark several times and it’s a great message each time!”

Jeff Sikora
Principal at Erie 1 BOCES


Excellent presentation with ideas and strategies that can easily be implemented into our own marketing plan!”

Kathleen Brisky
Principal at CA BOCES


Gained a lot of insight about the characteristics of the Y generation that we teach.”

Alicia Brown
ESL Teacher at Erie 1 BOCES


Mark is very energetic and has a ton of positive enthusiasm. Super day!”

Cheryl Russell
Cosmetology Instructor at BOCES


The Tree rocks!”

Kari Becker
School Social Worker at Erie 1 BOCES


Really nice job, teachers are a tough crowd. Very informative.”

Michelle Montaldi
RN/Teacher at Erie 1 BOCES


Can’t wait to use the information/Career Tree on our 1st day!”

Jeff Angeletti
Construction Teacher at E2CCB


Fantastic presentation!”

Rick Drewery
Auto Body Teacher at Erie 1 BOCES


Great guy, great ideas.”

Donna Mann
Potter Career & Tech Center


Very engaging.”

John Marinelli
Culinary Instructor at Erie 1 BOCES


This is the 2nd time I have heard Mark’s message — excellent.”

Patricia Riegle
Erie 1 BOCES


We’re marketers, Wade Factor — awesome!”

Lori Smith
Orleans Niagara BOCES


Love the Career Tree. Thank you for all your knowledge of CTE and the students involved.”

Caitlin Siresi
Culinary Arts Instructor at Orleans Niagara BOCES


Everything matches what we need to focus on as we move forward in CTE.”

Ed Arnold
Collision Repair Instructor at CA BOCES


Very motivational speaker, well worth the time.”

Charles Shevlin Jr.
Automotive Tech Instructor at Erie 1 BOCES


Great presentation.”

Christine Gerwitz
RN/Health Occupations Instructor at NCTEC


This was one of the most helpful and interesting presenters that we have had in my career. Thank you for a 1st day well spent.”

Cathy Bonaccorso
Cosmetology Instructor at Orleans Niagara BOCES


Appreciated the statistics/facts/relevance/passion that he has.”

Jane Wright
Erie 1 BOCES


Love your stories.”

Paul Herrmann
Teacher at Orleans Niagara BOCES


Great presentation.”

Todd McLaughlin
Criminal Justice Instructor at Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES


Nice presentation, kept my interest.”

Tracie Blackman
Cosmetology Teacher at Erie 1 BOCES


The presentation gave a great view from the student’s aspect and strategies to give an experiential classroom to each student.”

Mark Aquino
Erie 2 BOCES


A great way to start the school year.”

John Wodjeski
Principal at Erie 1 BOCES


Great energy, great ideas that I can incorporate into my teaching. Great ideas on how to “hook” some students.”

Robert Ihle
Instructor at ON BOCES


Great job. Opened my eyes to things.”

Jared Karas
Personal Training Teacher at Orleans Niagara BOCES


Awesome speaker, truly motivating!”

Lori Poniatowski
RN, BSN, Health Careers Instructor at E2CCB


This is amazing — made us all proud we are all BOCES.”

Nancy Salvucci
Career/Tech Trainer for Business Industry at CA BOCES


Helped me understand more about how my students think/why they act or expect certain things.”

Leigh Ziemczonek
Erie 1 BOCES


Excellent presentation.”

Ellen McKay
Erie 1 BOCES


This has been an eye opener.”

Bethany Ruane
Adult Literacy Team Leader at CA BOCES


Practical applications. Very interesting.”

Kathy Sitavek
Erie 1 BOCES


To engage, spark, retain, and educate students, great 1st day activities.”

Vicki Bashaw
Teacher Orleans Niagara BOCES


This gave me a greater appreciation for the millennial generation.”

Marjorie Marcesco
Erie 1 BOCES


Very informative and motivational.”

Lisa Cook
Culinary Instructor at ON BOCES


Awesome speaker — genuine, knowledgeable, practical.”

Allison O’Dell
ELA Academic Liaison at E2 BOCES


Very informative.”

Linda Rohloff
Erie 1 BOCES


Very applicable, love the Career Tree.”

Karen Tam
Erie 1 BOCES


Thank you — amazing presentation.”

Joseph Fusco
Culinary Arts Teacher at CA BOCES



Susan Lindke
Cosmetology at ON BOCES


Enjoyed it overall, very motivating.”

Michael Dietzen
CTE Teacher at E2CC BOCES


Excellent, inspiring and motivating presentation for educators and administrators.”

Cathleen Woods
Science Teacher at CA BOCES