Professional Development

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In his keynote, Mark shared great insight and knowledge on the subject of CTE enrollment, retention, and engagement. I want to give him my personal thanks for the masterful way he trained my educators on these important concepts. Everyone I have spoken to has given his presentation high praise. It was amazing!”

Dale Pfister
Director, CTE at Weber School District


In eleven years of teaching, I have never been so inspired and re-charged!”

T.J. Rhodes
AG Teacher at Bear River High School


Excellent best practices examples!”

Caryn Baxter
Health Science Instructor at Bridgerland Applied Tech Center


Nailed it! Millennials want support and respect. This keynote address absolutely hit the nail on the head. Give them structure to succeed. Well said.”

David Smith
CTE/Business at Bear River High School


Addressing Millennials, giving respect, and showing light at the end of the tunnel — these are great ideas to help me in connecting with these students, even my own kids. Now I know how to deal with the student that sits bored.”

Eric Bowen
Cabinetmaking Instructor at Bridgerland Applied Tech Center


I wish you could give this presentation to our state legislators!”

Staci Zilles-Nelson
7th Grade CTE Tech/Engineering at Adele C. Young Intermediate School


Great presentation, very engaging.”

Sherri Madson
School Counselor at Box Elder School District


Exceptional, motivational, practical ideas to engage students, improve morale and raise the caliber of work we receive from our students.”

Lisa Moon
Nursing/Health Science Director at Bridgerland Applied Technology College


As a Millennial, your presentation helped me understand myself better, as well as how to work better with my students. I identify with your son in that I didn’t do well in school until I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for the great info!”

Kristen Bogue
Business Instructor at Bridgerland Applied Technology College


Mark nailed it right on the head. He knows my clientele without having met them.”

Kyle Saunders
Department Head at Bridgerland Applied Technology College


Great presentation, kept my focus and interest the entire time.”

Marcus Maw
Trainer at Mountain Crest High School


Helped re-kindle my fire… a different take that gave me a lot of ideas and ammo for nay-sayers.”

Kathy Evans
Assistant Principal at Davis High School


Mark makes you look at things from a different perspective, enabling you to change your focus and message for the better.”

Derek Ponce
Director of Teaching & Learning at Ogden-Weber Tech College


This keynote gave me a better understanding of Gen Y, including my 4 children. I liked the idea that this generation must have respect before they give it. Makes sense with a few of my adult Gen Y students.”

Bonnie Campbell
Business Instructor at Bridgerland Applied Technology College


Fabulous. I learned an amazing amount of information in a short period of time.”

Chris Carrigan
Teacher at Morgan School District


Fantastic, practical, best practices information!”

Trina Hansen
Apprenticeship Manager at Ogden-Weber Applied Tech College


This put the Millennials’ mind into a format I can understand! I now have some very important tools that I did not even know I was missing.”

Shelly Curtis
MA Instructor at Mountainland Applied Technology College


Love what I heard and found many tools that I will use in my Auto Tech program.”

Ed Schirner
Automotive Instructor at Clearfield High School


Very encouraging and entertaining!”

Carter Haacke
Counselor at Sunset Junior High


Would be great if all teachers could hear this presentation.”

Devin Rusch
Welding Instructor at Roy High School, Weber School District


I’ve heard many of these ideas before, but it was great to see them presented in such a comprehensive, exciting manner! I am rejuvenated and ready to go!”

Wendy Nelson
Principal at Syracuse High School


After hearing this presentation, I decided to make changes to my first day and to help students see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Heather Bagnall
Teacher at Centennial Junior High


Most practical application conference ever!”

Lynette Atkinson
CTE Coordinator at Weber School District, Roy High School


Best guest speaker I have ever heard.”

Mindi Silva
Applied Arts Instructor at Roy High School


Loved the showcase ideas and the amount of energy, enthusiasm and passion Mark had!”

Christine Heslop
CTE Coordinator at Ogden School District


Great ideas throughout the presentation. I took tons of notes. Great motivation and practical ideas to use.”

Shawn Potokar
Digital Media at Weber High School


Wow! I wish our whole faculty could be here.”

Don Cressall
Assistant Principal at Legacy Junior High


Loved the information about Gen Y, the Millennial generation, and changing your teaching. Great presentation on changing what we have been doing to start respecting the Millennial Generation and help them be more successful.”

Susan Baylis
Assistant Principal at Bountiful High School


This presentation is appropriate for everyone in education. If all educators would use these techniques, education would better meet the needs of all students.”

Vickie Ingram
Principal at Bountiful Junior High


Exciting and informative!”

Deb Hefner
Business Administrator at Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering & Science


Mark, you are amazing. Your energy and passion is contagious. I will go back to my school committed to use these new strategies to make a difference for our students.”

David King
CTE Coordinator at Davis High School


The info from Success in the new economy was eye opening. The description of Gen Y supported my own experience and added depth.”

Lynette Nielson
Counselor at North Layton Junior High


I loved this presentation. The country needs to listen and follow this advice/knowledge.”

Mark Middlebrook
Director of Marketing at Mountainland Applied Technology College