Professional Development


Mark Perna magically made 60 minutes disappear. Great presentation!”

Jim Duffey
Administrative Director at Franklin County Career and Technology Center


A very relevant conversation that will aid me in recruiting me new team members from the younger generations.”

John Bond
Training Manager at First Quality Retail Services


He is speaking our language. He is educational, energetic, funny and on point.”

Eileen Stewart
Corp & Community Engagement Manager at Boys & Girls Club of Western PA


Entertaining and passionate delivery. Fearless connection. Honest and inspiring. Perhaps the best and most relevant keynote address in my 17 years.”

Eric Karemecy
Division Chief at West Central Job Partnership Inc.


Thank you for a positive conversation about the younger generation. It’s time we shift the focus to this group’s ability and potential!”

Lacy Nicklas
HR Manager at SGL Carbon LLC


Love the message and energy. As a Millennial, this needed to be said. Thank you!”

Jocelyn Sterenchock
Can Do Inc.


Great presentation, informative and engaging!”

Margaret Farlling
Employment Skills Center


Amazing presentation, I would recommend this.”

Lauren Gallaher


Great passion as well as knowledge.”

Edward Butler
Employment Specialist at PA DHS OLTL


Excellent presentation.”

Rick Hornberger
Ephrata Area SD


Keep up the good work!”

Brian Dandridge


Great ideas on how to deal with younger generations.”

Jeff Grandas
Supervisor, Labor & Industry Workforce Development


I really enjoyed the for now decision tactic.”

Brianna Florovito
Workforce Specialist at The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce


I have a better perspective on how they view respect that will help me communicate differently.”

Carrie Stuart
President of Adams County Economic Education Foundation


Awesome, relevant.”

Peggy Kershner
Co-Executive Director at Berks Connections/Pretrial Services


At age 60 I need to realize the way we did it when I was younger is not the way today’s young people do it.”

Gary Shimmel
Training Coordinator at Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 520 Training Department


Such charisma and enthusiasm!”

Michele Edwards
HR Manager at First Quality Enterprises Inc.


Brilliant speaker.”

Denise Brunker
Program Manager at Congreso


I am purchasing his book before today is done.”

Donna Yale
Education Associate at Penn State Wilkes-Barre


As a former educator I love the idea of career ready and not the focus on college and career ready — they are the same. You need to speak to the Dept of Ed at the PA state and fed govt levels.”

Kristi Wickard
Apprenticeship Coordinator at Independent Electrical Contractors of Central PA


Appreciate your passion for shifting the paradigm towards the thousands of pathways to success.”

Michelle Mikitish
Executive VP at Greater Pittston Chamber


Keep pushing your passion, preaching to the choir, but even choirs need to hear it from time to time. Especially from someone smart, articulate and successful.”

Adina Tayar



Tom Hoffman
Career Coordinator at Waynesboro Area Senior High School


Engaging, enjoyed the positive approach.”

Bobbie Jones
HR Manager at Webco Industries


He recognizes the intelligence, resourcefulness and skills of the younger generation and the need to just help them find their passion because they can accomplish miracles when they want to.”

Betsy Baker
Superintendent at Spring Cove School District


Great presentation!”

Dana Rodgers
Program Supervisor, Dept of Labor & Industry


Great presenter!”

Michele Myers
Career Coordinator at Middletown Area High School


Thanks for the paradigm shift in thinking and relating to gen Y&Z. Great new narrative. Thank you!”

Karee Robinson
Transition Coordinator at Lower Dauphin School District


Outstanding speaker.”

Renee McMinn
Co-op Supervisor at Lower Dauphin School District


Good info, good advice for parents and employers and those looking to get youth employed. Detailed and intense.”

Jane Augustine
Program Director at Outreach


Very engaging, changed my approach with generations Y&Z.”

Nichole Miller
Human Resource Analyst at Office of Admin Public Safety HR Delivery Center


Best presentation I have heard in a long time.”

Theresa Hinton
Workforce Development Specialist at Northern PA Regional College


I wish he could give me a pep talk!”

Lisa Wallace
District 1199C


Very relevant.”

Michael Yeakey
Ed Consultant at Independent Electrical Contractors


Excellent pace and engagement in workforce development presentation.”

Laura Potthoff
Director of Business & WFD at Cumberland Area Ec Development


As a former educator now working as a training and org dev specialist in a mfg industry, I loved your push for Education with Purpose. I see the need to educate and train all kids to be career ready.”

Tiffany Diemer
Sr. Training Specialist at West Pharmaceutical Services


Presentation filled with pertinent information.”

Timothy Mitzel
Principal at Eastern York SD


Great presentation. Enjoyed every topic and how it related back to the current situation of the working world. Thank you!”

Jenna Barry
Training and Quality Manager at W.D. Wright


I loved the message that soft skills are professional skills, because these tend to be overlooked.”

Carrie Danner
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Delaware Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Office


If the want to is strong enough, the how to will come. This was one of the most profound statements that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.”

Mary Hoskins
PA Workforce Development Board


I now understand why my boys (8, 10) always ask why.”

Justin Flores
Dean of Students at Associated Builders & Contractors Eastern PA Chapter


Phenomenal awareness of the generations! Awesome passion for youth.”

Christina Johnson
Program Manager, Youth & Adult at Tri County OIC