Professional Development TEST_PD PioneerCTC


Mr. Perna was dynamic, energetic and knowledgeable. Made the presentation engaging and relevant to all audience members. Positive attitude and humor were great. Thank you for the information and your passion!”

Stephanie Gwin
Social Studies Instructor


You unlocked the next level in me.”

Marsha DeVito
Lexington Career Coach


Very inspiring, thank you! Best in-service in years.”

Jenifer Stewart
VOSE Eng 12 & Govt


Positive, informative and impactful for Career Tech administrators, instructors and academic teachers!”

Jolene Young


Very pertinent information. The idea of a tree to show different levels of achievement is a good idea, especially since the Millennials do better with information that is chunked into pieces.”

Mercedes McGee
Language Arts Instructor


I have never connected that my students could work on a cruise ship at a theme park. This is huge! When I tell my students they can work at hospitals, schools and universities in building maintenance, I can guide them to bigger dreams.”

Melinda Shaum
Spanish 104, Special Ed Career Dev Lab


Really enjoyed the insight on Gen Y. It is always great to have the reminders that college is not for everyone and that tech schools can offer a fast track to a career opportunity.”

Julie Thornton
Teacher’s Aide


Helped give me back the excitement as to why I went into teaching.”

Karen Davis
VOSE Instructor


Excellent presentation!”

Dawn Roberts
Medical Technologies Instructor


Even though I teach academics, I will change how I do things, particularly at the beginning of the year. The presentation definitely kept my attention. Good job! I enjoyed the descriptions of the Millennials and how that affects how we market our programs. I can see how this could help retain students in my program as well.”

Cheryl Williams
Multiple Disabilities Instructor


Really liked the Tree to inform students of all the different possibilities for careers.”

Grant Brocwell
Masonry Instructor


Opened my eyes to new ideas.”

Kevin Coleman
Transportation Instructor


Mark came to Pioneer the day before Christmas and after hearing him speak, I wish that a two-week break wasn’t between me and my students.”

Katie Getz
Project Search Instructor


Very engaging, good tips on career building through career tech.”

Jessica Clark


Refreshing application of knowledge linked to individual goals.”

John Yohe
Science Instructor


Loved the focus on generations and how to understand Gen Y — as both students and staff.”

Katie Stone
Communications Coordinator


Career Tree is a great idea. Great presentation!”

Tina Hurst
Admin. Secretary


Loved the Career Tree and Wade Factor. I hope all our teachers, both academic and career tech, embrace the Career Tree. I think it would give direction to so many kids who have never had anyone ask them where they want to be and how do they want to get there.”

Joanne Humphrey
Asst. Receptionist


Great speaker.”

Linda Bellomy


Thank you for reminding us how important our roles are.”

Charmae Cotton


As a parent, thank you. I now know how to talk to my daughter, figure out what she wants to do and how to get there.”

Kara Rowlinson
Payroll Clerk


Love the Tree, can’t wait to get one.”

Melinda Meisse
Early Childhood Ed Instructor


I had extremely low expectations, but I was blown away. I learned a lot of useful ways to address and talk to students to buy into every day, not just for recruitment.”

Ali Woods
Science Instructor