Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning


Mark’s passion for CTE is contagious! He is going to help Salem-Keizer ensure that we are identifying the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons and help CTE grow in our school district.”

Amy West
Health Services Teacher at Sprague High School


With Mark’s help, our students will graduate prepared for a successful life AND with a competitive advantage!”

Jim Orth
CTE/Dual Credit/Summer Programs Coordinator at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


Mark is going to teach our team how to design clear objectives and implement a focused recruitment and retention plan in order to bolster our CTE programs and better serve students in our District.”

John Honey
Principal, Career and Technical Education Center at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


Mark is paving the way for a long-overdue paradigm shift. The skills gap and graduation rates are disturbing realities that are surmountable if we understand the students we have and if those students understand their post-secondary options. Mark combines generational data with best practices and common-sense conversations to move CTE programs—and the schools that support them—in a strategic direction. Finally!”

Susanne Stefani
Assistant Principal at McNary High School


Mark Perna’s CTE training is right on point. I left the training with my mindset totally changed and as a result, I am better prepared to help students make wise decisions for high school and beyond.”

Cynthia Richardson
Principal at North Salem High School


Mark Perna doesn’t just talk about changing the landscape of education. He provides a specific action plan educators can use to harness student motivation and keep students moving toward their career goals.”

Rhonda Rhodes
Principal, Career and Technical Education Center at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


This work is the right work at the right time to take our Career and Technical Education programs to the next level. Our CTE programs will become programs that attract the right students and prepare them for career or college. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Mark Perna is an amazing presenter and facilitator.”

Christy Perry
Superintendent at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


Salem-Keizer Public Schools have an amazing variety of CTE programs and courses available to students. Mark Perna will help us approach scheduling in a thoughtful way that supports pathways for student success when they leave our doors prepared for career or college.”

Lori Chamberlain
School Office Specialist, CTE/Dual Credit/Summer Programs at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


Our CTE programs are an integral part of helping students achieve success and earn a high school diploma. They create a pathway that makes education meaningful and sets students up for successful transition to post-secondary goals. I am excited to focus on our Career and Technical Education pathways!”

Johnie Ferro
Assistant Principal at McKay High School


Mark Perna provides a fresh insight into the minds of our Millennials and Generation X’ers. His game-changing strategies to recruit and retain these students into Career and Technical Education will push our programs to the next level!”

Tara Romine
Assistant Principal at South Salem High School


A clear unified CTE pathway for Salem-Keizer Schools that gives education a purpose for all students.”

Noel Thiel
Automotive Teacher at McKay High School