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Instructional Technology Planning

Implement the Best Technology for Your Instructional Needs.

Instructional Technology PlanningDoes the task of implementing effective instructional technology across your organization seem overwhelming? In our information-driven world, it’s critical to have a strategy for getting the right curriculum, simulators and equipment in place, especially as the process itself becomes increasingly complex.

We can help through Instructional Technology Planning, a powerful strategic process that identifies the optimal instructional technology scenario to meet your district’s long-term goals. Together, we’ll analyze your current instructional program technology and points of pain. Then, we’ll develop a customized strategic Instructional Technology Plan that clearly outlines the steps needed to achieve your district’s instructional technology goals.

Instructional Technology Planning

As your partner in the instructional technology planning process, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your current instructional technology, including an on-site program review and comprehensive teacher and staff interviews.
  • Coach your district’s technology planning team to gain confidence in the current process and to become more effective in future technology decision-making.
  • Identify and compile baseline data on each long-term program’s instructional technology and curriculum delivery models.
  • Leverage our experience to provide a laser-like focus on all aspects of career-technical education (CTE) instructional technology planning.
  • Develop a comprehensive Instructional Technology Plan to assist data-driven decision-making based on industry standards and high expectations for student success.
  • Align your Instructional Technology Plan with your district’s core values and results-driven commitment to students.
  • Deliver the ongoing professional development necessary across your organization to support awareness and positive communications regarding your instructional technology plan.
Our Instructional Technology Planning process covers two components, Current Reality and Preferred Future, and is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Instructional Technology Assessment

Critical time and effort will be invested in the exploratory stage of the Instructional Technology Planning process. In this stage, we will perform a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current instructional technology and curriculum delivery models utilized within each of your long-term programs.

Stage 2: Instructor Interview

Our team will interview teachers and staff to determine the individual understanding and usage of instructional technology in their curriculum delivery model. Additionally, we will survey the teacher/staff awareness of new and innovative instructional technology and next practices in curriculum delivery models.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 will complete the Current Reality component of the Instructional Technology Plan for each of the long-term programs.

Stage 3: Instructional Technology Plan Development

During this critical stage, we’ll analyze the results of the on-site assessment and teacher/staff interviews. Using inquiry-based research methods, we will identify nationally recognized best/next practices in instructional technology and curriculum delivery models. We will then create your organization’s Instructional Technology Plan with specific recommendations for each of your long-term programs.

Stage 3 will complete the Preferred Future component of the CTE Instructional Technology Plan.

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