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EnrollTrack® Online Enrollment System: Enrollment and Prospect Tracking, Simplified.

EnrollTrackThe enrollment process — it’s one of your most critical points of pain. Paper applications, low student response, difficulty tracking prospective students, endless data entry, and trouble accessing student information all contribute to lower enrollment and retention rates in your organization. It’s time for a comprehensive, customized enrollment solution that covers all the bases. It’s time for EnrollTrack®.

The TFS EnrollTrack Online Enrollment System is cloud-based technology that seamlessly integrates new students, partner schools and your organization into an online system everyone can use for every step of the enrollment process. Click Advantages above to learn more.

EnrollTrackAs the complete enrollment solution, EnrollTrack is:

  • A powerful prospecting and analytical tool: EnrollTrack allows you to gauge event effectiveness, build an in-depth understanding of your market, and increase conversion rates by tracking prospective and current students from their first interaction with you through placement.
  • A great student engagement strategy: EnrollTrack provides personal accounts for prospective and current students to log in and upload information, and also sends automated emails to keep them updated on their application status.
  • Simple to use: Students, partner schools, and support staff each have their own secure portal with easy-to-follow screens that bring all the information together in one shared database.
  • Available anywhere: EnrollTrack is a mobile-friendly, responsive site that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
  • Environmentally friendly: The online system dramatically cuts the amount of paperwork involved in the enrollment process, benefiting both your organization and the environment.
  • Designed around your brand: You’ll receive an attractive, professionally designed site that will look great on any device, branded with your logo and colors.
  • Developed specifically for CTE: The shared database is managed by your organization, allowing you to take control of the application process and ensure that enrollment reaches peak potential.
  • Customizable to your specifications: Any special functionality your organization may require can be completed as an additional component of your EnrollTrack implementation.
  • A great investment with ongoing value: All CTE schools that revolutionize their enrollment process with EnrollTrack automatically benefit from all future system enhancements and updates.

EnrollTrack is a dynamic, flexible tool with three main portals for everyone involved in the enrollment process. The easy-to-view system provides a single source for all enrollment information, making the entire process more efficient and putting your organization in the driver’s seat. With EnrollTrack:

  • Your students will enjoy easy access to their application any time. They’ll have a personal account to complete the application at their own pace while receiving automated email updates.
    EnrollTrack Students
  • Your sending school partners will have one source to view and update student data and transfer information, such as transcripts, to your organization with just one click.
    Home School
  • Your organization will be able to review, rank, and confirm program rosters online, easily manage student data, track prospective students, and maintain control by overseeing the entire application process.
    Career Center

CTE leaders are always looking for ways to achieve greater enrollment and retention rates in their organizations. TFS knows your field, shares your goals, and delivers CTE strategies that bring incredible value and measurable results. EnrollTrack, developed specifically for CTE, is just one more way we create a significant, exclusive and much-needed competitive advantage to CTE schools nationwide.

Want to experience EnrollTrack® for yourself? Contact us today to schedule a demo at your earliest convenience.

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