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Strategic Planning for the Preferred Future

Strategic Planning for the Preferred FutureAre you struggling to implement far-reaching changes across your organization? Do you want to see positive growth and measurable results, but the strategic planning to reach those objectives seems overwhelming? TFS has the solution!

Strategic planning is an organization-wide, long-term process encompassing all operations and functions to create fundamental change. Through our proprietary four-stage process, we’ll assist your organization in creating and implementing a customized Strategic Plan for the Preferred Future.

With extensive, intelligent preparation, including project management, professional development, subsystem readiness, and Core Team coaching, our proven method will help drive long-term change.

Benefits & Services

Strategic Planning for the Preferred Future

As your partner in the strategic planning process, we will deliver:

  • Confidence: Leverage the power of our vast experience for the professional strategic planning you need to make your preferred future a reality.
  • Structure and organization: By breaking it into four clearly defined stages, we prevent the process from getting stalled or bogged down so you stay on schedule and on target.
  • Clarity and direction: Success is a subjective word; we’ll help you define what it will look like across your organization and create the roadmap to reach it.
  • Effective use of your time: You’re busy, so let us alleviate your schedule by managing the details and keeping the process moving forward.
  • Achievable goals aligned with your core values: We’re sensitive to your organization’s unique identity and initiatives, so you can set practical objectives your team will embrace.
  • Ongoing support: With our expert coaching, training, and professional development, you can be sure that your team will be equipped and excited to move forward.
  • A sense of urgency: As community, state, and national expectations for effective workforce training continue to rise, our Strategic Planning process will help your team gain momentum to meet those challenges — and win.

The TFS Strategic Planning for the Preferred Future process is divided into four stages, following the acronym PLAN:

Preparation for the Preferred Future: Stage 1

  • Executive Teams and Board > Awareness Training
  • Process Selection > Timing and External Support
  • Staff Training > Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • Subsystems Readiness > Identified and Aligned
  • Internal Coordination Team > Roles and Training


Learning for the Preferred Future: Stage 2

  • Current Reality > Data Benchmarking and SWOT Analysis
  • Core Planning Team > Develops Draft Strategic Plan
  • Action Planning Teams > Define Meaning and Scope of the Strategies
  • Inquiry Based Research > Develop Action-Driven Results
  • Design Measures > Accountability Rubric


Action for the Preferred Future: Stage 3

  • Leadership Team > Select Action-Driven Results
  • Forging the Pathway > Integrating Holistically Action Plans on Subsystems
  • Assemble Teams > Articulate a Powerful Vision
  • Align Resources > Personnel, Finances, Technology
  • Monitor Progress > Revisit, Revise, and Repeat


Navigation of the Preferred Future: Stage 4

  • Formalize and Report > Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Review the Action Plans > Continuous Refinement and Adjustment is Normal
  • Core Team Review > Analyze and Revise Strategies if Necessary to Sustain Progress
  • Recognize Progress > Celebrate Milestones
  • Communicate Effectively > Adjustments Made to the Strategic Plan
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