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It was great to see you at our recent presentation on increasing enrollment, engagement, retention, and performance rates! We’re confident that your organization will benefit from the principles we’ve pioneered through our years of experience with high school and adult education, workforce development, and Generations Y and Z.

Below you’ll find the PowerPoint slides you requested. Simply click on the link titled with your event to download the strategies and ideas covered in the presentation. Your event’s material will only be available for 14 days, so don’t delay!


Mark C Perna Vicki Doe Healthy Living Conference KEYNOTE 10-05-2019 SLIDES

Mark C Perna Alva High School KEYNOTE 10-02-2019 SLIDES

Mark C Perna Northwest Tech Stakeholder KEYNOTE 10-02-2019 SLIDES

Mark C Perna DCMO BOCES Evening KEYNOTE 09-30-2019 SLIDES

Mark C Perna ACTE NCLA Best Practices PRECONF Speech 09-25-2019 SLIDES

Mark C Perna ACTE NCLA Best Practices BREAKOUT Speech 09-26-2019 SLIDES


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