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Engaging and Inspiring Your Students: Proven Strategies, Powerful Results.

Inspire & MotivateThe best learning is the learning we enjoy — and that’s why we’re proud to offer the engaging keynote speeches and professional development that everyone will remember! International speaker, long-time enrollment and retention expert, and author Mark C. Perna will deliver a dynamic message to help you make a real difference for your students.

Looking for an immersive experience for your team? We also offer four-day bootcamps that cover all the knowledge and tools usually gained over a year of strategic planning and meetings, including initial timelines, drip sequence, program and organizational copy points, and much more. Our founder Mark C. Perna will personally coach your leadership team at your location to ignite and accelerate your transformation process for lasting results.

What are people saying about our professional development and bootcamp experiences?

This was amazing! I will use it in my professional, personal and social interactions to build others and make a difference.” – H.M., MA Instructor

This is the best career and technical training ever!” – T.H., Apprenticeship Programs Manager

An amazing explanation of collaborative strategies to promote student success through intrinsic motivation and self-determined pathways.” – J.R., Math Instructor

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