Professional Development TEST_PD SouthBend


Fantastic information, totally re-motivated my passion for teaching.”

Jacqueline Swihart
School Aged Mothers Program at South Bend Community School


Great tips on connecting with students and to my own children.”

Jennifer Reihl, RN
CTE Instructor at South Bend Community School


Instead of doing a daily objective every day, I plan on doing a daily Why for each lesson!”

Mary Pajakowski
SBCSC Clay High


This presentation was inspiring and helped me generate many ideas to keep my students and myself motivated throughout the school year. Thank you sir!”

Sanchara Ballog
School Age Mothers Program at SBCSC


Thanks for your passion and excellence.”

Louise Melander
CTE Dental Careers at SBCSC


The career tree idea is excellent and will be used. Great information about the generations, etc. Buy-in 100% and have fun with the students.”

Angela Kocsis
CTE Criminal Justice at SBCSC Riley High School


Love the tree concept both visually and conceptually, 1st 10 days, showcases! One of the most relevant, experienced presenters I’ve heard. Very dynamic presentation.”

Tammy Yohe
CTE Recruiter at SBCSC


It was spot on!”

Stephanie Bonin
Chapter Executive at National Tooling and Machining Association


Everything was relevant, I can see clearly now, and understand this generation better. The time flew! I learned something every minute.”

Barb Lorch
SBCSC Clay High


This entire presentation was very impactful.”

Karla Black
Medical Magnet Coordinator at Washington High School Medical Magnet


Good examples, I’m excited to implement some ideas next year.”

Theresa Baker
Medical Magnet Instructor at Washington High School