Professional Development


Great energy! Thanks for renewing my faith and confidence in the younger generations.”

Elizabeth Craven
Career Development Facilitator at Clinton High School


This session has helped me see my 20-year-old son in a different light. I came here to be inspired as a teacher but left inspired to be a better parent.”

Kathryn Cooke
Teacher at Gilbert Middle School


Being a Baby Boomer I have struggled working with Gen Z. This info has given me hope, help and understanding of how to help and work with my students. Best keynote speaker at Business Summit 2018.”

Jayne Suchy
Director of Guidance Service at Mullins High School


You are such an inspiration on so many levels — especially to a first-time teacher and mother of 4 boys. There is hope! Bought your book today.”

Jessica Morris
Instructor at Newberry County Career Center


Absolutely brilliant presentation! The mix of information, humor, and real-world examples was completely riveting. Best presentation of the conference by far!”

Heidi Guerry
Berkeley County School District


Very energetic and relevant topic! As a millennial myself, it was great to hear someone with a positive perspective on the power of the younger generations. We as educators just need to ignite our students to help them find their why.”

Victoria Willis
AG Teacher at Bamberg High School


Thank you for reminding me to embrace my purpose and passion to grow as a professional educator.”

Yolanda Moore
CATE Coordinator at Saluda High School


A refreshing look at the younger generation and how we, as educators, can guide them to a bright future.”

Joseph Chapman
LEO Services Instructor at Center for Advanced Technical Studies


Most enlightening educator session I have attended in 12 years in education.”

Kathy Hunt
Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School


Very knowledgeable.”

Kenneth Lott
Director/Principal at Aiken County Public School District


Love the Career Tree, it’s easy to understand and captures attention. I cannot wait to read Answering Why! Mark is a phenomenal speaker. Enjoyed all his presentations.”

Mandy Oliver
Career Specialist at Kershaw County School District – North Central HS


Wish we could have every school superintendent hear this.”

Gwen Hyer


I love learning about generational characteristics. Will use the Lockheed Martin story.”

Suzi Raiford
AVP Career Preparedness Programs at Charlestion Metro Chamber of Commerce


I love the idea of the students actually building the Tree with their goals.”

Tanya Butler
Assistant Principal/CTE Supervisor at Berkeley County School District


Enjoyed the presentation, it was inspiring and motivationally leading. It encouraged me to continue encouraging others. I felt an instantaneous glow to motivate our students.”

Jermaine Singletary
Teacher at Academy for Success


Loved the personal stories!”

Paula Dana
Business Teacher at Darlington County School District


Very good information. You have a different take on how to get students more engaged with CTE centers.”

Jessica Cato
Career Specialist at Manning High School


He’s very insightful and inspiring.”

Tarikia White
CTE Teacher at Charleston County School District


Eye opening.”

Tiffany Morris
Sumter Career & Technology Center


The information you presented was a great outline that I can customize to my program. I love the energy and passion that Mark has for CATE and kids! I just bought in!”

Sue Ann Lever
Engineering Instructor at Westwood High School


Thank you for helping me develop clear priorities and a vision for my school next year! My mind is still going with ideas and applications. I will use this!”

Lisa Justice
Director at F.E. DuBose Career Center


Mark is knowledgeable and keeps it real about education.”

Gwendolyn Dixon
COE, CEO & Senior Consultant at ABE Consulting Services


Informative, motivational and energetic presenter.”

Grayvon Bridges
School Counselor at Bennettsville Intermediate School


Engaging, passionate, knowledgeable.”

Leslie Bright
School Counselor at Aiken High School


Very informative.”

Kimberly Footman
Career Development Facilitator at Colleton County High School


Education and technical education must work hand in hand to ensure student success. Informative, insightful and relevant.”

Sophia Francis
Central High School



Steve Mann
Teacher at Andrew Jackson Middle School


Most of us have decided to not go! I really enjoyed this presentation.”

Beulah Thomas
Business Educator at OCSD5


Speaker was well spoken, knowledgeable and interesting.”

Sophia Mitchell
Director of Counseling at DuBose Middle School


Very relevant. Paint a picture — excellent advice. Don’t be an April.”

Alison Horten
Esthetics Instructor at Bonds Career Center


Great speaker and motivator.”

Amy Cash
Cosmetology Instructor


Call to action! Connect, engage and answer why. Create a strong message of value and purpose. Tell the story with passion and develop the Wade Factor.”

Mary Beth Roach
Work-Based Learning Specialist at Harry County Schools


I am excited to hear your son’s story. I have experienced so many students with varying GPAs and levels of learning get excited and lives change for agriculture. So many choices.”

Ashley Dill
Ag Teacher at Union County Career & Technology Center


You reinforced what we have been trying to tell parents/admins. I am a career specialist and it’s what we preach.”

Linda Thompson
Career Specialist at Richland School District 2


It gave me different perspective on how I look at the youth and how I will engage with them from here on out. Very real and speaks to and not at.”

Shelby Saunders
Career Counselor at Scholfield Middle School


Mr. Perna exemplifies the great culmination of all good, positive and determined forces our society needs.”

Raymond Cook
PLTW Engineering Instructor at Orangeburg 5 School District


I am at the end of my career and tired, but Mark helped re-motivate me.”

Bill Farrar
Administrator at Lancaster County School District Career Center


Best session of the week! Will be in touch!”

Kammie Reed
Education Associate at SC Dept of Ed, Office of Adult Ed


Awesome presentation!”

Klarissa Hunt
Cosmetology Instructor at Donaldson Career Center


Wonderful presentations at the keynote and breakout session.”

Jessica Freeman
School Counselor at West-Oak High School


I was so excited to hear someone speak about how important skills training is for students to have direction in their lives. This is something I have been saying for 20 years. You made me want to put down my cell phone and listen.”

Amy Marchant
Aiken County Public School District


Informative and engaging. You decided to go!”

Jackie Collum
Career Specialist at Hartsville Middle School


Mark is very motivational. I really like the three levels of the Tree.”

Mike Young
Assistant Principal/CATE Coordinator at Westwood High School


I love your energy.”

Melissa Pate
Lancaster County School District/Buford High School


Excellent perspective.”

Lashawnte Sarvis
Assistant Principal at CA Johnson High School


Loved it!”

Trina Greenwood
Teacher at Aiken County Career Center