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Professional Development


Professional Development Testimonials: You know a speaker is great when he inspires you to race back to your office or classroom to start implementing what he said. Mark is that kind of speaker.” Sally Pestana Kapiolani Community College   Inspirational [. . .]

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2017 ITA Youth Day Keynote

Professional Development Testimonials: As a Millennial I have not heard one positive thing about millennials in any meeting for the last 3 years. This was positive and transformative. You've given me the language I've been looking for years. I can't [. . .]

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2017 Riverside College Bootcamp

Professional Development Testimonials: Understanding younger generations — so powerful. As a career education professional, Mark’s presentation spoke to me on many levels that will impact the way I work with students in my school. It also made me think about [. . .]

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MBA Conclave Keynote 2017

Professional Development Testimonials: The Career Tree is awesome. This truly renewed my want-to in teaching!” Christie Woods Business Teacher at Horton High School   So real, so motivational, loved it. So many people I wish could experience your energy and [. . .]

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Professional Development Testimonials: Practical solutions to perceived impenetrable problems…thanks for the breath of fresh air!” Tonya Ramey High School Director at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center   Your presentation is the best I've ever heard and this is my 40th year [. . .]

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2017 PA TechLink Keynote

Professional Development Testimonials: Mark's message is for all of education, not just for CTE. If all schools listen to his points, education in the US would be excellent instead of average.” Charles Benton CTE Director at Dover Area School District [. . .]

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Century College 2017 Keynote

Professional Development Testimonials: Great storytelling! I was engaged start to finish. I need a Tree, awesome visual. Loved this, you lived up to the pitch.” Lynn Smaagaard Marketing Faculty   Great presentation. A lot of great useful information. Motivational.” Karla [. . .]

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