Professional Development


Dynamic, engaging presentation. Relevant, usable information with practical applications.”

Deborah Wright
Assoc. Vice President Finance at Texas A&M University


Mark was amazing.”

Kristi Kolmetz
Business Development at H2B Inc.


The world needs the Wade Factor!”

Gerry Rodriguez
Director of Facilities Planning at UT Rio Grande Valley


It is all great! This was a significant emotional event.”

Thomas Lund
Regional Program Manager at UT System Office of Facility Planning & Construction


Great presentation!”

Brian Grigas
Principal at Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Inc.


Loved the Wade/April anecdote — very illuminating. Great energy! Thanks for starting our day on the right note.”

Ashley Flores
Education Strategist at HKS Inc.


All ideas were wonderful! I feel this presentation has called me to action. I know so many high school students in my area are unaware of opportunities to better their future. Contacting our school counselor and administration is my next step. Thank you!”

Amanda Shugart
Conference Attendee


Mark delivered a powerful message with infectious energy and humor. I walked out of his keynote inspired and excited to mentor younger generations.”

Reuben Pinkson III
Assistant Director of Design at UT Health San Antonio


Excellent message to this group.”

Grady Deaton


It was inspiring.”

Leo Manalla
Master Plumber at Alamo Colleges


I am 70 years old, there are 3 motivational speakers that have impacted my life. Before this event there were 2.”

Ray Fried
AVC at Texas State Technical College


As a baby boomer, it changed my outlook of Gen Y&Z people. We desperately need to grow them into our industries.”

Bob Baker
Project Manager at Texas A&M Facilities Planning & Construction


Before today my general thought was that experiences were a luxury, time off from what you should be doing. Now I see experiences are the only path to purpose. How do you give purpose…through experiences.”

Emily Winters
Kirksey Architecture


You presented with great energy and really connected with the group so early in the morning.”

Bryan Sibille
Director at Facility Programming & Consulting


Positive outlook on how to engage and encounter the next generation.”

Lhasa Compton
Planning Analyst at UT Southwestern Medical Center


Loved the energy and passion.”

Cynthia Walston
Principal at Cannon Design


Change in perspective of how to engage and manage younger generation.”

Janell Cottam
Design Manager at University of North Texas


Very inspirational!”

Kati Parttimaa
Lord Aeck Sargent


The Wade Project — such a convicting point and one that is so easy to fix if broken. Everything was so on point!”

Julie Browning
Exec. Asst. FPCM at Texas State Technical College


Be like Wade.”

Kyle Kahanek
Physical Plant Manager at MD Anderson Cancer Center


“I’m an instructional technologist and have researched millennials and gen z’s for the past 4 years and I have 2 of them at home. It was spot on!”

Donna Coussons
Business Development Manager at Ensight Haynes Whaley/Cardne


Energetic, humor and great message.”

Travis Craig
University of North Texas


Better understanding of younger generations so I can engage them in my business and how to guide them/work with them.”

Robert Ferguson
SVP at Hill International Inc.