CLEVELAND, OHIO, August 30, 2018 —TFS® announced the release of a comprehensive, video learning management system for its popular Career Tree® product. The course list, which currently consists of ten modules, will continue to be expanded as more best practices, tools, and strategies are developed.

Previously, Career Tree training was done through in-person workshops and the company’s Career Tree Curriculum Guide. “Our new learning management system will allow many more educators and businesses to effectively train their staff on the Career Tree,” said TFS company founder and Career Tree creator Mark C. Perna. “By making this in-depth training available at no additional cost to every Career Tree client, we are empowering them to make a bigger difference for the students and trainees they serve.”

TFS Marketing Coordinator Amy Timco, who oversaw the content creation for the project, believes it has value for both current and new Career Tree clients. “We took our existing training materials back to the drawing board to transform them into engaging video courses. Every aspect of the training has been analyzed and honed, and we’ve added a lot of fresh material. I would encourage all Career Tree users, even those who are already up and running, to utilize this training and add to their knowledge.”

TFS Product Manager Matthew Perna assisted in the technical development of the learning management system, which is housed on the portal. “The new learning management system provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use training resource for instructors and administrators,” he said. “In under two hours of training time, users who are brand-new to the Career Tree can gain an in-depth understanding of its concepts and strategies.” Career Tree users will need to log back in to access the updated portal, which also houses other Career Tree resources including the Interactive Wall Graphic creator, student launch video, teacher checklist, downloadable classroom materials, best practices, and more.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Career Tree has quickly become the company’s top-selling product. The tool is designed to integrate with existing curriculum to facilitate meaningful career exploration, personal motivation, increased academic performance, professional/soft skill development, and other skills to give students and trainees a competitive advantage. Its applications include academic and technical classrooms in middle schools, high schools, K–12 districts, career centers, community and technical colleges, workforce development settings, special education classrooms, and many other learning environments.


About TFS

TFS, whose mission is to share and support its clients’ desire to make a difference, was founded over twenty years ago by national education expert Mark C. Perna. As a full-service strategic marketing and consulting firm, TFS is passionate in its dedication to workforce development and education. The company serves educators and employers of all sizes across North America by helping them increase their enrollment, retention, graduation, and performance rates with the Generations Y and Z.

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