Professional Development


I gained an entirely new perspective on dealing with current workforce challenges.”

Lennea Brown
Executive Director at River Woods


Amazing presenter! Mark makes it real. He bridges the gap between education and employment.”

Terry Krezmer
VP, Human Resources at Larson Design Group


Mark Perna truly understands what makes adolescents tick. I truly look forward to seeing the power of his relatively simple ideas in action as we work to increase student engagement.”

Sue Shipman
Principal at Columbia-Montour Area Vocational Technical School


Best, most inspiring talk ever! Have seen Mark 3 times — learn something new every time!”

Jennifer Williams
Director of Special Ed & Early Childhood at Central Susq Intermediate Unit


Helped me to see the younger generation in a different light.”

Susan Wert
Nursing Home Administrator at Nottingham Village


As a school administrator, the work of managing all things overwhelms the reason, the why, I entered education to begin with. Mark’s firm grasp of the value of our young men and women and how we can better frame opportunities for them has given me a renewed vision.”

Scott Zimmerman
Intermediate School Principal at Mifflinburg Area School District


The information and insight Mark presented was practical in inspiring. It was relevant and a mental jump-start of ideas in approaching this new school year.”

Rich Strausburg
Assistant Principal at Mifflinburg Area High School


Fantastic presentation! Very engaging, motivating, lots of Amen moments for this Gen Y viewer. I wish I could have brought so many family/friends with me. This is a life presentation.”

Alison Mannello-Moyer


The idea of “why” being more than a repetitive pain-in-the-neck question. This is something I know but a good reminder that I better have a good answer!”

Marcey Nolan
School Counselor at Williamsport Area School District


Your ideas on how to engage this new generation were extremely helpful. This combined with the encyclopedia Britannica sales approach was powerful. Informative and engaging. Far better and valuable than any 2-hour movie I’ve seen in a while. Well worth my time, thank you!”

Shane Devlin
Instructor at Central Columbia High School


Excellent presentation, very worthwhile hearing his message.”

Todd Taylor
VP Post-Secondary Education at Central PA Institute of Science & Technology


So much to digest. Thank you for a thought-provoking and entertaining presentation.”

Linda Herr
Career Coordinator at CSIU WATCH Program


Connect, engage and ask why — a new direction for my family & business.”

Lauren McDonald
CEO at The Wealth Factory


Great information to use…Ideas presented can be utilized in my classroom in terms of academic and career awareness.”

Tammy McCarthy
Alternative Ed/Special Ed Teacher at Central Susq Intermediate Unit #16


I will definitely use this paradigm shift in my professional life and family.”

Julie Petrin
Special Ed Supervisor at Warrior Run School District


Mark is a great speaker, high energy, motivational, clear and precise on all topics. Passionate about his path.”

Lynn Kuhns
President at APEX Homes of PA LLC


It’s common sense, but very powerful!”

Tammie Confair
Operations Coordinator at CSIU WATCH


Fabulous presentation — knowledgeable and engaging.”

Ann Miller
WATCH Supervisor at CSIU


Wade vs April — so powerful and clear.”

Christopher Snuder
Assistant Principal at Central Columbia School District


Breath of fresh air. Thank you, finally a plain-speaking presenter and without Dr. in the name!”

Scott Moll
Business Owner


The Career Trees are awesome! As a special ed admin, people need to understand college is not the only option. Great presentation! Teachers would benefit from hearing this!”

Dee Davis
Director of Student Services/Special Ed at Millville Area School District


Inspirational and refreshing! It was for the educator’s soul!”

Mike Keefer
Assistant Principal at Mifflinburg Area School District


The stats presented were alarming, love the mindset pertaining to a topic so many view negatively. Excellent speaker and presenter! Could listen all day.”

Danielle Zelger
Early Intervention Supervisor at CSIU 16


Practical suggestions, application of material will be immediate.”

Susan Spry
VP Workforce Development at Luzerne County Community College


This is a well-worthy presentation with a lot of good information. It described my life — when I stepped out of the box year ago. It led me down a path I never dreamed of.”

Patricia Millett
RN Health Instructor at SUN Area Technical Institute


This reinforced what I envision for education. I presently do this with scheduling now. I will try to encourage my teachers to develop the professional skills early.”

Edward Sanders
Principal at Millville Area School District


Good presentation, very engaging and on point.”

Dwight Woodley
Director of Innovative Learning at South Williamsport Area SD


The for-now decision — this takes the scary out of any decision — love it!”

Stephanie Ziegmont
Curriculum Director at Southern Columbia Area School District


Fantastic, thank you!”

Will Christensen
Career Coordinator at CSIU


Great historical information! Excellent presentation to connect the dots in education, business and the younger generation.”

Rita Sterner-Hine
Assistant Superintendent at Waynesboro Area School District