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Keynote Evaluation

Please share your thoughts on Mark C. Perna's presentation at the TN 2022 Institute for CTE Educators.

Thanks for being part of Mark Perna’s presentation at the 2022 Institute for CTE Educators in Chattanooga, TN! We want to know what parts of this experience resonated most deeply with you. By completing the quick survey below, you’ll help us make a bigger difference for audiences across North America.

Plus, we’ll send you a link to download Mark’s presentation slides from this event. Please share your thoughts below!

What areas would you like information on? (check all that apply)
What perspective best describes your position while watching the presentation? (check all that apply)
I would like to take part in shifting the paradigm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us here or by calling 330.840.2680. Thank you!

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