Professional Development



Mark Perna was an absolute pleasure to work with as the keynote speaker for our company’s tuXperience Event. He tailored his presentation to fit our audience and was extremely energetic, engaging and entertaining while at the same time hitting our attendees with topics that hit the “sweet spot” for what they are experiencing with today’s workforce challenges. Our attendees could not say enough as to how much they enjoyed his presentation, as well as the ability to take back to their organizations so many of the thought-provoking topics and solutions he addressed!”

Lysa Kenney
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Tooling U-SME

Bryan Knaack
Manager, Client Services
Tooling U-SME

Fantastic delivery of an incredibly relevant topic. Who doesn’t want to understand Gen Y better? The storytelling format made the entire presentation so much more interesting and relatable. I would say this was one of the best I’ve heard on this topic.”

Dana Zorn
Training & Development Specialist at Hilite International


We are all trying to make a difference, make improvement, and make an impact in our business and our personal lives. The info shared today provides insight and inspiration to do just that!”

Robert  Martens
Chief Mfg Eng – Steering at Nexteer Automotive


Great tips on bridging the gap between my Baby Boomer managers and Millennial employees. This is one of the best and most engaging presentations I’ve heard in a very long time. I’m very excited to get the presentation and utilize the knowledge.”

Andrea McCrary
HR Manager at Atlas Copco Secoroc, LLC


Mark provides valuable information about engaging Millennials in a very energetic and captivating way, with great examples and stories.”

Scot McLemore
Technical Workforce Development at Honda North America, Inc.


Sharing the light at the end of the tunnel the entire way is a fantastic idea. I believe that it will create the passion to help build performers. Fantastic presentation!”

LaDonna Hendrix
SC Director – Technical Training at Baker Hughes, Inc.


This presentation gave me a much better understanding of how to deal with the Millennial Generation. I had never heard of many of the ideas.”

Tim Webber
VP of North America Operations at Greif, Inc.


Great insight on how Millennials expect respect of them first and how respect must be earned. Also the light at the end of the tunnel strategy is helpful. I would like to read Mark’s book when it is published.”

Janis Tobin
Controller at Arwood Machine Corp.


High energy and excellent message on hearing the branch creak, giving the vision, and creating common ground with Millennials.”

June Hazzard
VP, Human Resources at Woodward, Inc.


I am a Millennial and it was still very enlightening to learn things about myself and my peers that I have never thought about before, like Generation Y vs. Generation Why and making sure Millennials are stimulated at all times.”

Angela  Cannizzaro
Engr. Manager and Director of Quality at EJ Basler Co.


After hearing this presentation, I have a much better understanding of the Millennials, their needs and a strategy for success.”

Jim Kunik
Sr. Brand Strategy Manager at WW Grainger, Inc.


This message is very current with our needs, on how to interact with Millennials.”

Seth Machlus
VP of Operations at Hartwig Inc.


Excellent presentation on the topics of showing the light at the end of the tunnel and creating common ground.”

Brian Hogan
Client Executive at Tooling U-SME


Experience is everything. This presentation provided great input on retaining and managing Millennials.”

Maria Kogen
Sr. Director, Brand at WW Grainger, Inc.